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29th - 30th April

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

As happy as a razorback pig in mud!

It was our first time playing in the rain today and it is safe to say it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits!

The morning started with what had to have been record breaking sales in the canteen. It was the perfect morning for a bacon and egg roll and the guys on the bbq certainly didn’t disappoint. Thanks to those who were able to help out today.

Our opposition were the Camden Tigers, and after hearing rumours about how great the Tigers play, we knew we were in for a tough game!

A sea of umbrellas surrounded the field and it was a great home ground atmosphere. There was an extra large ratio of grandparents today which made it really special.

We had a fun warm up session where as the stand in coach, the kids taught me I cannot use my hands, I shouldn’t jump like a frog or bounce like a kangaroo and I have to kick forwards… not backwards!

Our opening players were Archie, Jesse, Ellie and Grace and there was a lot of excitement leading into the first kick.

The Tigers were quick to score the first few goals but it didn’t take long for us to settle in and show them our killer defence that we are becoming renowned for.

The second half saw us take the approach “if you can’t beat ‘em.. stop ‘em!” And the team worked together incredibly well to defend our goal. There were a few times when all 4 players stood in front of the net and there was no chance those Tigers were going to score!!

Jesse and Kailey kept their eye on the ball at all times and showed great initiative in running back to protect our goal. At one point Kailey did the most incredible save (luckily she was wearing her shin guards!), showing everyone she was fearless on the field!

There was some great little kicks from Archie who is becoming more confident with the ball each week.

After an amazing run from midfield, Ellie scored our first and only goal for the game! There were huge cheers from all around the park and great celebrations from Ellie and the team with high 5’s for everyone.

We saw a few little injuries today but nothing that a quick hug from mum and dad couldn’t fix. Well done to Ellie for coming back on the field despite being hurt on the foot and the finger.

Standing on the field with the kids today gave me an entire new perspective… they really do get in there, get messy and give it their best. It was really sweet to hear some of the little words of encouragement between them and their self praise when they got the ball.

I want to say a big thank you to Grace who was an amazing assistant coach for me today… she showed me how to kick the ball, and helped me to run with the team.

You name it, we tried it today! Super powers were given out, Archie was still trying to use his magic claws, Ellie even declared it Silly hair Saturday!

The Tigers were a lovely team to play against with their coach commenting several times how hard our team were trying and how well we were playing.

We sure are getting better and better each game and it was a great day today with everyone leaving with huge smiles on their faces.

There are two things we learnt for certain this week..

1. Make sure you have Napisan in the laundry cupboard

2. Coach Nathan… hurry home! We missed you!!

Our player of the match was Olive who did an incredible job of keeping everyone’s spirits high in the rain! She played well, ran hard, and radiated enthusiasm. Congratulations Olive!

A shout out to Archie for the post match marshmallow ice cream cones and a big thank you to our game leader Brax who was very kind and patient with us and showed great refereeing skills.


U6 Orange

U6 Orange v Bradbury White

Wet hair and muddy boots and a whole lot of fun playing at our home ground. We started very strong with our passing which led Mason; this weeks player of the week to scoring the first goal of the match. Into the second half we saw some fantastic ball control from Jeshua who walked away with this weeks McDonalds award. Well done to everyone in the team for battling the rain with a smile on your face!


U6 Black

It was wet and it was wild!

U6 Black had a great game this week and the rain didn’t stop them. Training and training matches is starting to pay off and they are all getting the hang of the game.

Liam took home our player of the match, he may be our youngest and smallest but he didn’t let that stop him! I actually think he secretly loved the rain and mud 😂 Well done boys


U7 White

Rain, rain go away, was definitely not heard from the Douglas Park U7 White team. The Team turned up extremely keen and ready to get wet and muddy. Alaskah took this to the next level by turning up in her game day gum boots. Right from the start Douglas Park U7 White knew it was going to be a tough match. With all players quickly turning a nice shade of blue.

For the first time this year we had plenty of players keen to start on the bench but not sit on the cold, wet metal seat.

Ava, Phoenix and Aria tackling was world class given the tough, cold conditions. Phoenix still cannot get the smile off his face.

Jack showed off his crazy shooting skills by hitting all three sides of the goals and not the net.

Ryan showed again how he loves to put his body on the line with superman like dives to stop any break aways.

Kyson did his best to be the brick wall defence he has been practising at training which helped keep the score low and with that he took home this weeks man of the match….

In the end Camden Falcons took home the win but we definitely put up a great fight and the kids really loved playing there first rain game.


U7 Pink

Rain Schmain…The girls didn’t let their (uncharacteristic) 8-1 loss ruin their fun!


U8 Blue

The kids anticipation for this wet weather game was through the roof! Although parents and spectators didn't look to share the same excitement for the rain, they still turned up in droves to cheer on the boys.

It was a strong first half and we looked like the better team getting out to a 1-0 lead thanks to Dimitri scoring a goal from a well placed corner, who could of had 3 first half goals if it wasn't for that left post.

Mt Annan came out strong in the second half to take a 2-1 lead. But the boys rallied through another goal of a brilliant solo run from Dimitri to level the game, earning him a well deserved player of the week award.

With 5min left, Oskar, continuing his great form after earning the POW last game, found himself 1 on 1 with the goalie and scored the match winner with his first goal of the season.

A special mention to Easa, our smallest team member with the biggest heart, who was relentless in attacking the ball, winning possession many times against much bigger opponents. He made numerous tackles, followed by some great runs and passes up the field, quickly turning a mid field scrum into genuine attacking chances for us.

Dispite the weather, it was a close and enjoyable game to watch. It was awesome to see the boys not give up after conceding the lead and come from behind to win the game. A great display of teamwork and fighting spirit, a proud coach moment. Although I doubt a loss would have been able to wipe the smiles off their faces as they all had a absolute blast playing in the wet.

Also, a big thanks to the parents who came down early in the rain to help set up the fields.

3 in a row now. Well done boys!


U8 Orange

U8 orange loved the sloshy conditions on Saturday.

Our stand in coach Chad did a great job with the kids on Saturday . We were up against the Tahmoor taipans and while it wasn’t a win for us we must congratulate Charlie Edmonds on his goal.

The team are playing so well together and well done to Evie borg for being awarded POM


U9 Orange

I couldn’t be happier as a coach after the team’s execution of the game plan! At training the boys have been practicing playing positions and passing to each other and boy did they deliver the goods today.

Unfortunately for Camden Tigers, our team played a near faultless game right from the beginning whistle. The only thing more impressive than some of the awesome goals the boys scored today was the teamwork and passing that earned the team a shot in the first place!

Final score…..12-0

Our defenders Flynn, Frank and Parker not only cleared the ball up the field but also did some great passes to our wingers. Solid effort boys 👍🏽

Our wingers Jack W, Jack F and Peter did some great runs down the sideline and finished with some great crosses and goals. Well done!

Logan our centre midfielder was a great team player, who helped defend and attack, as well as bag a few goals as well. Awesome job!

Our strikers Zac, Angus and Danraj put in plenty of effort to keep the opposition on the back-foot, with Zac showing some great positional play upfront which led to some well deserved goals.

And our two goalkeepers for each half were only in danger of catching a cold! Thanks for standing there 😁

POW Jack Fenton! For some awesome dribbling, passing and shooting. Great game mate!


U9 Blue

Well done to the Under 9 Blues for making it through your first game in the rain

The wet weather didn't dampen the team spirit as you all worked so well to find opportunities to pass to each other, defend and attack.

It was a close match but unfortunately we went down 3-2 to the Camden Tigers.

Our Player of the week went to Kobe for working hard every week and showing great skills and resilience. Great work Kobe


U9 White

I missed today game staying dry and warm at home. But our little

Team once again took to the field all smiles. It’s nice to see them each week play a game where they are digging and pushing for more. Although lately the scores haven’t been in our favour, I don’t feel like the boys even care. It’s great to see them just take each week in their stride and walk off with their heads held high knowing they had fun and enjoyed themselves. Our players of the week were Hugh and Isaac. We missed the photo as it poured right at the end so everyone hightailed it out of the rain.


U11 Orange

What a game, what a team!

Today was all about team spirit, on and off the field.

They played with all their heart. They played for each other and played for their club. They played with a smile on their faces, even in the pouring rain. Today, these boys came to play and put on a brilliant display of team work.

Final score: Douglas Park 5. Camden Tigers 0

Gracious winners.

To back it up, our amazing parents manned the canteen and BBQ following the game. Volunteering is an integral part of community sports and we couldn't do it without your help. Thank you everyone.

Congratulations boys. You are all amazing kids



U13 v Ingleburn Eagles

(Written by Manager - Amanda)

Rain, rain, rain

- Riley - beautiful goal. GOAL!

- Lenny, off a free kick from Riley, straight through the gap. GOAL!

- Riley, near Miss, slightly wide, tipped by keeper.

- Pass tor Riley, across to Lenny who is tackled and took a tumble but Lindsay flew in and sent it to the goal. GOAL!

- Tall Nick out of nowhere! GOAL!

- Boardman off a strong pass from Riley from Max's throwing. GOAL!

- Close call from Isaac with some fancy footwork leading up to it but nicely saved by the keeper.

- Good run and shoot close from Keats.

- Half time

- Lenny from a corner. GOAL!

- Plenty more work for James this half with a close call and some brilliant saves.

- Final score 6-0 Razorbacks

- Player of the match - Riley

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