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Seniors (AA – O35 - O45)


Who is it for?

Senior soccer encompasses all age groups older than U21 Including males – All Ages, Over 35’s and Over 45’s and females – Senior Women, Women Over ’30s and Women Over 40’s


What is the Format?

Seniors football is played on a full-size field with full FIFA rules applying to all age groups. Teams play for competition points with results recorded and competition ladders published each week. All age groups play 45-minute halves.


Dates & Venues

Senior games are played on Sundays.

Games are played on a home and away basis with home games played at Douglas Park Sportsground. Away games are played throughout Campbelltown, Camden, and Wollondilly Shires.

Most teams train once per week on a weekday evening. The day and timing of this training are mutually agreed upon between the players once the team is formed.

How do I Register?
For Senior registrations please click here and follow the instructions.


How can I get involved?

Douglas Park Wilton FC is run entirely by volunteers. We are able to put our teams on the park each week through the hard work and endeavors of these exceptional people. Please consider if you could volunteer your services to assist the club in any way. Your help would be most welcome. Please email


Who can I contact with questions?

Club Registrar via email at

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