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C L U B   H I S T O R Y

Brett Wallin
Founder DPWFC

The club teams started playing in the year 2000 as the Douglas Park Football Club but the idea for a Douglas Park club started in August 1999.
A group of Douglas Park men had been playing for the Camden Falcons All-Age Men’s team.
After playing in a Ron Dine final, Brett Wallin put forward the idea of starting a club in Douglas Park itself.
Brett had grown up in the area and knew a lot about the community and the facilities. He spoke with Warwick Mitchell at Macarthur SFCA and found out what was required to get a club ‘up and running’. Those original Camden players then became the first committee members.
Brett went to the local school’s Country Fair to see what interest there was and recruited enough people to get some young teams up and running. Between them, the original committee ‘drummed up’ enough interest to go from nothing to seven teams to start the season, which was a great effort.
The club logo was established and is a razorback pig with a soccer ball with the words ‘DOUGLAS PARK RAZORBACKS’.
The uniform was an orange polyester shirt with a white collar and 2 pressstuds at the neck opening and raglan sleeves. The shorts were plain white soccer shorts with a small soccer ball symbol. Plain white socks. The first choice was to have a red and white uniform as this is generally recognised as Douglas Park’s sporting colours but Macarthur SFCA said it was too close to another team’s uniform. Orange was selected as the nearest colour to red.
Brad Corp gave the club $1700 which bought the equipment needed to get started.

In 2002, the Douglas Park Football Club was incorporated and became the Douglas Park Soccer Football Club Inc. The incorporation ensured the future of the club. The club constitution was worked out.
In this season, approval was given by Council for a light pole and lights to be placed at the oval thus allowing night training in the future. This followed representations made to Wollondilly Council by Councillor Towndrow and attendance at a council meeting by various members of the club and a brief speech at this meeting

In 2003, lighting was finally installed on the oval for nighttime training. We celebrated with an ‘Official turning on of the Lights’ ceremony which a representative from both BHP Billiton and Wollondilly Shire Council attended, along with members of the Douglas Park Soccer Football Club.

In 2007 we decided to re-design the player's shirt with a fully sublimated shirt with the number and logo included in the design to be used for the next season.

In 2008 the Club name was changed to Douglas Park Wilton FC to better represent the area where the majority of our players live.

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