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29th - 30th July


U6 White

Three Cheers for Our Hat-Trick Heroes! Wow wow wow!! What a game!

Maybe it’s the excitement around the Women’s World Cup? Maybe we were still on a high from last week’s goal? Whatever it was there was something in the air today and U6 white were ready and raring to go.

After a great warmup session with the parents, Jesse, Grace, Kailey and Archie led us out for battle against Campbelltown Collegians U6 red.

We were down a player this week with Clara off sick, but the enthusiasm levels were high and everyone was excited to be playing on a beautiful Saturday morning at Rosemeadow Reserve.

The team put up a solid effort in the first half. There were some amazing moves and Coach Nathan had put together some clever and strategic plays. At one point, Archie and Kailey were focused on checking the integrity of the goals, and once they had established all was ok, they again concentrated on the task at hand.

Jesse had his game face on today. He has been working hard week after week and has been painstakingly close to scoring a goal for the past few Saturday’s. He scored at the gala day a few weeks ago and was determined have his moment again. This week was his week! 2 minutes before half time Jesse intercepted a pass, sprinted down the field, deftly manoeuvred past the defence and let fly a billet shot. Goal! The crowd went wild! Congratulations Jesse!

After high fives all around and a quick congratulatory hug from mum, Jesse was back on the field and ready to go again. Before the cheers even had a chance to soften, Ellie stole the ball from the Campbelltown Collegians, dribbled down the field and scored again! 2 goals in the blink of an eye! There was cartwheels, there was cheering, there was a look of panic from the other team!

The whistle blew and the kids had a well deserved drink and snack after an action-packed first half.

As the second half rolled out, and you could see some of the kids were starting to tire, but this didn’t stop them from giving everything they had.

The minutes ticked away, and the excitement was palpable. The ball zipped from one end of the pitch to the other and

With 2.5 minutes left on the clock, some magic happened. Ellie, who had missed training this week and wasn’t feeling 100%, got the ball. With the determination of a true Razorback, she dashed towards the goal, her tiny legs a blur. A swift kick and the ball whooshed into the goal. The crowd went wild yet again!

Grace played incredibly well today, she was our dashing defender, even running in towards the other team and tackling them for the ball.

After a big Friday night, Archie was a little tired and distracted this morning, but he did have some good little runs throughout. At one point he even started started climbing the fence mid game (I think to find somewhere to sneak off and have a nap!)

Kailey had amazing energy and you couldn’t wipe the smile from her face 😊 She played a great supporting role in the team today, taking coach Nathan’s direction and helping to get the ball for her teammates to score.

Olive kept the defenders busy with some dazzling dribbles. She was her usual fearless self, blocked some incoming balls and made some fantastic clearances.

The player of the week was Ellie who backed up her goal last week and scored another 2 more today. Hey Ellie - the Matilda’s called and asked if you can fill in for the injured Sam Kerr this week??!

It was our best game yet and everyone was so proud of our little Razorback champions! 3 goals in one game was absolutely incredible! But what was more amazing was the great team work and spirit they all showed today. Well done team, we really are ending our first season on a high!

Thank you to the Collegians for their sportsmanship - they cheered for our players when we scored and even their coach came up and congratulated us on how well we did today. Also thank you to all the friends and family that came to cheer us on today, it was a wonderful atmosphere.

Feel better soon Clara, we hope you are back on board next week.

Go Dougo!


U6 Black

U6 black are really starting to come into their own!

The boys are loving playing and getting better each week.

Connor took home player of the match with his first goal of the season and his never give up attitude

Can’t believe we have 2 weeks to go


U6 Orange

This week U6 Orange took on Narellan Rangers at their home ground. The boys were pumped and ready to go.. but their little legs had a different idea. Once they were all done taking their turn to trip over it was game on! They played as a team, called out to their team mates and had a great time. This weeks player of the match went to Jeshua who has grown into a star defender and our McDonalds award to Oliver who played with energy and whose confidence on the field grows each week. Well done team!


U7 Black

So proud of our little team U7 Black, they try their hardest week in, week out and today we celebrated our first win of the season with a fantastic 9 goals. Look at the excitement on their faces, they have improved so much since the beginning of the season and all of their hard work has paid off. Ben was our prolific goal scorer today scoring six of our nine goals, Samuel scored two and Chloe scored one. Congrats to all players of U7 Black on a great game today. Keep up the good work.


U7 Orange

We played our final home game for the season yesterday against Camden Falcons.

The first half of the game was a great battle of equal skill and determination. Once again our team’s defence was tip top and we went into half time 0-0.

The second half we got a bit tired and lost some focus and let a couple of goals pass us by. Still an amazing result for our team and once again the improvement from the start of the season is well noticed.

We gave out 2 awards today, Emmett and Reef.

Emmett as usual, is always where we need him, never gives up and chases that ball down until it is his! He is an unstoppable force on the field each game.

Reef, had some impressive goal attempts and is become a great little attacker week in and week out!

Good game boys!


U9 White

I’m insanely proud of the team you’ve become. Sad to see the season end in sight. Todays game was amazing. You passed the ball, you worked together and you did what we’ve been training and learning. You did it with good sportsman ship and a smile.

Every single person who was there today will agree that Cal in goals today was insane. That kid didn’t miss one ball going in the goals. Quick to scoop them up and look for the players free to pass to. Awesome work mate. You had the trophy the week before for good playing so we couldn’t double up this week. But I had to shout you out because it was so good to see.

There were 6 goals today, and it was assisted by every one of you to get those up there. The defending and attacking was awesome.

Super proud of you boys. We picked 3 super stars this week. Will, Sonny and Jett!


U9 Orange

The team made another trip to Oran Park (it seems as though we play there every 2nd week).

It’s always a tough game at Oran Park due to the mini fields, invisible lines and dusty conditions but that didn’t stop our team from coming away with a 5-0 (I think) win.

The game produced some blood, bruising and lots of shots at goals. On such a small field the boys were often tempted for individual glory with the goals always in sight, which left several chances to go begging. However, it was a solid effort with some great individual and team goals, with a little room for improvement.

Our POW went to Danraj for his great positioning up front, great calling for the ball, and some awesome finishes. We’ll done mate


U11 White

Great effort today team, as always our first quarter is utterly amazing where we make chances, apply pressure and hold them out!!!

Congrats to Liam for game day award and his persistence all around the ground - well done fella!!!

Great effort to Hayden for always committing 100% - always ALL IN!


U11 Orange

After another draw against the Falcons last week, our boys were gunning for a win against Eschol Park. Determined and hungry, our boys put on a dominating display showcasing their skill and talent.

Scoring within the first minute, Douglas Park began what would be one of their best games of the season. With 4 goals to Blake, 4 to Will, 2 to Jordy and 1 to Cooper they entertained the crowed and did themselves proud.

Score: 11-0

Congratulations boys!!

1 more game to go for the season. Let's finish with a bang



It was so lovely being on the other side of the field today and hear all the positive support that comes from our parents on the other side.

Today we were down 3 players off our usual backline with just the 1 sub so coach warned the boys most of them weren’t going to get time on the bench and would just need to keep on pushing.

It was lovely to have Ethan keep me company on the bench to answer all my technical questions during the game.

That’s as much small talk you will get from me so here’s the facts:

-Braxton and Zachary shared goalie. Both with very different styles and both stopped any goals crossing their line.

-Isaac copped a solid ball to the front of head and recovered like a champ.

-Half time still had no score. Bit of a chat from Coach on moving the ball through more.

-Second half had a lot of hot red faces but the boys kept pushing.

-Coach had to take a seat, I’m sure he was just hot.

-Not a biased comment at all that Louis did a cracker of a shot that found the back of the net.

-The boys managed to keep focused for the final minutes and take the win of 1:0 and a much wanted 3 points.

-Louis got Player of the Match and Mason got Managers award, well done boys.



At the sun-kissed Douglas Park Sportsground, the air crackled with anticipation as our mighty U13's and Ingleburn clashed in a match that promised to be nothing short of captivating. The Razorback faithful took their place on the sideline, and it was hard to tell who was more nervous.

It may have just been me, but it felt like the boys' pre-game chant had extra emotion behind it as they had something to prove after the last time these two teams met.

Coach Will had a surprise for Ingleburn, a new formation which saw Boardman, Isaaq, Nick and Dillan holding down the middle of the park, Riley and Lenny on the wings ready to run their hearts out, Noah terrifying the defence as striker, our standard rock solid back line of Brett, Jonah and Max, and protecting the net as always was James.

Right from the kickoff, both sides launched into fierce attacks, testing each other's defences with high-quality attacking plays. The tension escalated with each near-miss and daring save, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats.

After some stoic defence from our boys, Ingleburn gained an early advantage with a well-worked goal. However, the setback spurred our boys to intensify their efforts, pressing forward with calculated attacks to level the playing field.

The centre combinations were working just as the coach planned with our midfield maestros orchestrating seamless passing sequences, weaving through Ingleburn's defensive lines like a work of art. Noah kept their backline on their toes with runs in behind, which must have had them worried (understandably) as they immediately put two defenders on him. This left some space out wide for our wingers, and Riley and Lenny took advantage. Riley taking off down the wing like a boy on a mission and sending crosses into the box was a sight for the ages.

After what felt like an eternity of our boys not letting Ingleburn out of their end and putting on wave after wave of pressure some high quality team work saw Boardman leave two defenders in his dust questioning their life choices before laying the ball off to Isaaq who could only see one thing...... the back of the net. He unleashed a thunderbolt of a shot that seemed to defy the laws of physics as it just dipped under the crossbar, leaving even the opposing fans in awe of its magnificence.

The Razorback faithful went wild on the sideline....

After the resume of play, the match evolved into a tactical battle, with both teams fiercely contesting possession and territory. Ingleburn's resolute defence stood like an impenetrable fortress, thwarting every advance with impeccable timing and coordination. On the other hand, our boys' backline exhibited unwavering determination, battling tooth and nail to deny Ingleburn's attacking onslaughts.

The whistle blew for half time, and I can't tell who was more relieved for a breather, the boys or the parents.

As the whistle went to kick off the second half, our boys were up and about with lots of talk and positivity.

The second half started as a carbon copy of the first with a terrific tactic battle, but after a great through ball from Ingleburn, their striker was through - in the clear... or so he thought... Zac, with the determination of a lion hunting down its prey, chased him down and cleared the ball for a corner and was met with high fives, pats on the back, and cheers for his effort.

Keats' confidence as rock solid as ever made it his mission to mark the one opposition player twice his height off every corner and, to his credit, won every exchange.

Unfortunately for our boys after more valiant defending by Max. Jonah and Brett, a clearance out of the box deflected off one of the Ingleburn players, passed a fully outstretched dive from James and into the back of the net. A truly heartbreaking turn of events.

The fight was far from over. Our boys, driven by the unwavering support of their fans, poured their hearts and souls into every move to try once again to level the score.

As the second half wore on, both teams were visibly tired from their tremendous efforts. Ingleburn seized an opportunity from a lightning-fast counter-attack and scored their third with a shot that seemed to defy gravity. The cheers from their otherwise quiet fans a sign of how intense the game was and a testament to the brilliance of the goal.

The boys attempted to lift again, but time was not on our side, and despite their valiant efforts, the boys could not overturn the deficit.

As the final whistle blew, Ingleburn emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline. Both teams shook hands in a show of respect, acknowledging the heroic efforts of their opponents. The match had been a spectacle of skill, passion, and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of all who witnessed the drama unfold on the field that day.

To say that I am proud of the way the boys played, their attitudes, determination, and how they handled the loss would be an understatement.

Next week, we play Picton in what I am sure will be another unforgettable game.

The player of the week went to Jonah for his efforts in defence.

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