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05th - 06th August


U6 White

“We may not be scoring goals, but gee they are playing well” … those were the words spoken by a grandparent cheering us on in the rain this morning, and it really sums up today’s match.

It almost looked like we had no one to play against today, but one minute before 11am, the Narellan Rangers finally appeared and we had ourselves a game.

It was an all girls starting line up for us with Clara, Ellie, Kailey and Olive leading the team into battle. The excitement of last week’s game was definitely still in the air and everyone was pumped up and ready to play.

Narellan scored early in the game while we were still finding our feet. Ellie was able to stop them in their tracks not long after they scored and raced down the field, narrowly missing out on scoring within the first 2 minutes.

The heavens opened and transformed our soccer field into a grand swimming pool. But did that stop our tiny troopers? Absolutely not.

5 minutes into the game and it was time for Jesse, Archie and Grace to take over. A powerful kick from one of the Narellan players saw Jesse almost catch the ball. He quickly realised he couldn’t do that and the ball snuck in for Narellan to score again. It’s a shame U6 games don’t have goalies because that would have been a superb save by Jesse!

The rain proved convenient for some, with Archie standing on the field with his mouth wide open for a drink.

Olive got hit in the face by the ball but she was such a trooper, there were no tears or time off and she had super cool mud mark on her cheek that didn’t dampen her smiles or her enthusiasm to get out there and play.

The first half ended and thank goodness for the parents and grandparents waiting with warm jacket and cuddles for all the players.

Jesse, Archie, Grace and Olive started off the second half. There were some truly splashtacular tackles from our defenders. They splished, they splashed, they slid, making the opponents think twice before daring to challenge them.

We have come so far in the past couple of weeks at getting the ball from the other team, we now just need to work on passing it out to enhance their forward progression to increase scoring opportunities.

Our superstar striker, Energetic Ellie, proved once again that neither rain, wind, nor a horde of mud monsters can keep her from finding the back of the net. That's right, folks! Ellie, for the third week running, did her magical goal-scoring dance. The crowd erupted in cheers.

And let's not forget Jesse! Oh, Jesse, you mighty mite! Racing up and down the wing like a rubber ducky bobbing in a bathtub. His fancy footwork had us all on the edge of our puddles, oops, I mean seats! Jesse came so close to scoring a couple of times, and performed some of the saves of the season. We're all excited to see if Jesse can make the ball hit the back of the net in the next game.

Clara was the determined defender today. Every tackle she made was a thunderbolt, and every kick was a cannonball, often leaving a huge splash of muddy water

Congratulations to Grace who was our player of the match. With a determined glint in her eyes, she sloshed through puddles, tackled like a champ and displayed remarkable ball control during her runs.

The coaches award went to Kailey, who whenever she as asked if she was ready to go back out there, she roared louder than Katy Perry and there was no dampening her enthusiasm today.

A big thank you to Jack who was an incredible game leader in the wet and cold conditions.

Despite the gloom and rain, these little footballers taught us a beautiful lesson - no matter the challenges, the spirit of play, laughter, and camaraderie can turn even a dreary day into a memory worth cherishing.

As we look forward to the next game, our last one of the season, one thing is certain - be it rain or shine, our tiny footballers are ready for anything!


U6 Black

U6 Black had players dropping like flies today!

Think the weather got to the boys but they hung in and finished the game off.

Noah took home player of the match with some awesome kicks that went from one end to the other!

With one game left I’m sure the boys will finish off strong


U6 Orange

v Tahmoor Taipans

Coming close to the end it’s amazing to see how much the skill of our team and our opponents has improved from the start of the season.

It was a wet and cold game for our little champions but their smiles didn’t falter. Our player of the match this week went to Mason who’s commitment to the game shines through each and every week. We had two Sports awards to give out which went to Jaiden and Ty for looking and passing to their team mates.

Well done team. See you next week for our final match!


U7 Orange

This morning we ventured out in the rain to play against Tahmoor at their home field. The first few minutes of the game we were still asleep and let a couple of goals pass us without even realising it was go time! Once the boys woke up - it was game on! Our defence was then back on track and we refused to let any other goal past us.

This was one of the best games the boys have played all season. Carter made several impressive tackles and saved a few goals from getting past him. Towards the end of the game we saw Reef break through, attacking the ball and narrowly missing an epic goal. He was determined to get it though, so a few minutes later it was his! GOAL! Marshall also had a very good goal attempt.

The second half of this match we saw them play their best soccer yet. Passing, dribbling, and communicating on the field. All of them made us proud today

We had 3 awards today:

⭐️ Marshall - for his awesome goal attempt.

⭐️ Carter - for his impressive defence.

⭐️ Hayden - for always trying his best and being a great sportsman.


U9 Blue

Well done to each and everyone of you for braving the cold and rainy conditions today! It was a tough first half as the other teams defence was solid. But as always you didn't let that stop you and you came back fighting even stronger in the second half to put away 4 superb goals

We finished off with a well deserved 4-1 win. This team blows me away each and every week with their grit, determination, resilience and most of all their great sporting spirit.

A huge congratulations to Ruby for getting player of the match today


U10 Blue

Second last game and what a game!

7-0 win against Narellan.

Fantastic team work by the boys today, lots of passing and using every opportunity to try and get some that hadn't scored this season a shot at goal.

Player of the week to Ciaran for great passing, a few amazing clearances and always giving his best

Coaches award to Micah for his resilience in attempting to score today.

Look at those smiles!

Last game next week against Camden Tigers at home.


U11 White

Our last home game and it was a wet one!

Well done to Ollie for getting the game award. He showed composure under pressure and ran the ball like a striker brilliantly! Passing was best on ground.

As always great job Liam, a constant presence on the field.


U11 Orange

That's a wrap for our regular season for under 11 orange.

We are so incredibly proud of this group of boys and so lucky to have them all in our team. Here are some quick stats. This year:

Total games played: 14

Wins: 5

Draws: 6

Losses: 3

Number of subs: 0 (and some weeks, 1 or 2 less)

This has been an incredibly successful season for our boys in their first year of advanced.

I would like to thank all our amazing parents who have supported and trusted us in developing your children. You're all fantasitc and I'm so lucky to know you all.

To our boys, you guys are GOLD. You have shown what friendship, teamwork and commitment really means. You are always there for each other and it's really shown. I respect all of you as young men and you should all hold your high in how you've conducted yourselves in a hard season.

We still have gala day to go. You guys will rock it.

Congratulations boys!!! I know we, your parents, the club and all our supporters are so proud of you



vs Eschol Park

2;1 loss

We missed Owen today who is still away with work duties and I was asked to take on today’s Manager duties which I accepted whole heartedly as this team and supporter crew of parents and significant others are my extended football family.

Today saw us venture over to Eschol Park to play the current top ranked side of our division.

The talk between Jack, Louis and Isaac Mc in the car on the way over was full of optimism, excitement and of course, Dougo passion.

The weather was a tad dreary and to be honest, matched the boys initial interest in the game. The Wolves came out of their den with fire and purpose and this took our boys by surprise. They scored early in the game and held us at an arms length the remainder of the 50 minutes.

Despite the fabulous sideline running efforts of Mason, Jack, Luke and Archer we found it difficult to create scoring opportunities.

Louis was our captain today and held his own yet again, commanding his team to lift, play to position and was all over the field creating plays, defending where he needed to and as usual, his throw ins were extraordinary.

Our back line today stood strong against a constant formidable attack - Noah, Isaac Mc, Cody, Chris and Thomas hold your heads high as you all made confident and deliberate decisions about your commitment to defend and execute the best option at the time for your team.

Our midfield had a tough day with Eschol Park chasing the ball down with speed and precision. Jack, Luke, Mason, Isaac Kidd all tried to propel the ball forward to our strikers Archer and Zachary but the ball just wasn't landing our way this week.

Braxton made some tremendous saves and was fantastic at clearing the ball back into play in a fast and accurate manner.

There were some learns the boys will take away with them today and Coach will explore these at training on Thursday this week. We have 2 rounds to go before the end of our home and away season with our last home game at our beloved Dougo next Saturday.

This team is full of pride and passion and I know they will leave nothing behind after their next 2 games as they create a pathway to their first finals campaign.

Stay focused, positive and proud boys. We believe in you, make sure you believe in yourselves. You're a quality side and you'll achieve greatness if you stand tall for each other and encourage each other no matter what.

Coach Chris had wise words at the end of the match for the boys to reflect on:

We win as a team

We lose as a team

Recipients of todays awards:

Player of the Match : Cody Harris

Managers Award: Mason Ross

Always shout loud and proud boys #GoDougo

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