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12th - 13th August


U6 White

The U6 White Soccer Season Finale!

The morning was filled with anticipation as families gathered for the last game of the season. Parents and grandparents joined the warm-up, sharing in the joy and energy of the little players. As they stretched and laughed together, the camera captured the final team photos of the year, preserving memories of faces glowing with pride and excitement.

Today we took on the Camden Tigers and what can we say? It really was a great preview match for the Matilda’s vs. France later in the day!

With the whistle's blow, Clara, Kailey, Jesse, and Olive charged onto the field. The opposition was quick, scoring within the first few seconds, but our team's spirits were unshaken.

Off the field, the crowd was so engaged that it was hard to coax any new players on the field to give the others a chance for a drink. But after some humorous negotiation, Archie and Ellie agreed.

Back on the field, Ellie executed an impressive kick, maneuvering the ball through several players. Then, ten minutes in, Jesse scored a goal, sending the crowd into enthusiastic cheers. The excitement was palpable as families celebrated the young team's success.

Clara showcased some dazzling footwork. And though Grace took a hard ball to the leg, she continued to play with a smile, her love for the game shining through.

The second half kicked off with Archie, Olive, Jesse, and Grace taking the field. Despite being sick, Archie had a small burst of energy and even took a humorous moment to check that the corner flags were properly placed. Not long after, Jesse scored another goal, his wide smile reflecting the joy and pride shared by all who were watching.

Kailey played the best she has all season. She was tackling, kicking and in the middle of all the action. It was a joy to watch!

Clara made a breathtaking goal save, and Olive performed an awesome little slide kick. Jesse's run up the side, almost the length of the field, was the stuff of legends. Ellie came tantalizingly close to scoring in the final minutes, her determination an inspiration to all.

When the whistle marked the end, the field was filled with joy, hugs, and high-fives. Clara's family provided delightful post-game snacks, turning the day into a festive celebration.

A big thank you to Louis who was a fabulous game leader for our final match.

Congratulations to Jesse who was our player of the week for scoring 2 goals to close out the season and the a big well done to Archie who received the Coach’s award for going out and giving it his best despite being unwell.

So here's to our little champions for an unforgettable season - may the goals, giggles, and games continue to flourish in your futures!

Thank you to Coach Nathan who has made each and every week so much fun, who tought us the fundamentals of the game and the importance of working together.

Thank you to the Razorbacks for being such a wonderful club to introduce our kids to team sport and all the joy that comes with it.

The biggest thank you to the management and committee members who volunteer so much of there lives each and every week to make the club run so well.

See you next year!


U6 Orange

And with that, the season comes to an end. It has been amazing to see how far all teams have progressed in their skills, interest and passion for the game and the club.

Under 6 Orange took the message to todays game to play as a team. Knowing that we can’t pass through the team, we practiced passing around them.

This weeks final player of the match and Maccas awards went to Jeshua, Mason and Jack for their continued commitment, effort and team work.

Being a team and having fun has been the core focus for our little guys since we started training in March. I’m so proud that they have don’t exactly that and we look forward to the incoming gala day/ gala afternoon, and playing together in the off season so we can be dynamite come next year.

Well done team!


U7 Orange

Our final game of the season, and what fun we had. We played at Narellan this morning, with a 9am kick off in the glorious sunshine.

I think we saved the best for last because our boys gave it all they had.

We are so proud of the improvement these boys have made this year. Both as a team, and individually. We see each of their strengths and how well we are starting to play as a team.

Our final score was 3-1 (with an own goal so almost a draw). We had several near misses! And by near, I mean if the goals were a normal size we would have got them

Amazing effort Boys! You have made us so proud all season!!! Thank you for the Saturday morning entertainment, we’ve loved cheering you on each week. If only there was an award for best cheer squad!


U8 Blue

Thats a wrap for 2023 and the boys finished the season with a 3-1 win over Harrington Park yesterday.

Harry was our final player of the match with another great defensive performance, which he has done consistently all season.

A special mention to Lucas D. who has kept the same high energy all year, scoring a goal and also making an incredible full field run, beating every opposition player except the goalie!

It's been a successful season for the team, only losing 2 out of 17 games all year and scoring over 60 goals, a result the boys should be commended for and very proud of.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first season coaching. They are all wonderful, cheeky, soccer obsessed kids who made it a lot of fun. Thank you boys and I hope you all enjoyed the season as much as I did.

I'd also like thank all the parents who have been amazing supporters from the sidelines every week, very helpful with setting up the fields and other club duties, and supportive of myself and Amii.

And the biggest thank you to my beautiful wife who crushes it at manager, communicating all the details to the team usually before I even knew about them, organising the subs each week (while answering "how long until I go back on" a thousand times per game!), and just being awesome


U9 Orange

It was an unofficial Grand Final for the team this week with the top of the table (also unofficial) clash against Eschol Park Black!

It was our 3rd game against the undefeated maroon and yellow with the previous games being absolute nail biters.

Game 1 was a 1-1 draw in which the boys dominated the majority of the game but unfortunately not the score board.

Game 2 was even more intense with the game see-sawing from end to end, goal for goal, until the final whistle blew, with Eschol Park coming away with a 4-3 (and deserved) victory.

Queue: Game 3, The GRAND FINAL!

Like all good (unofficial) Grand Finals, there was a big build up to the event. It started for the parents weeks in advance with all other events for the morning of, including work commitments, made null & void and pushed aside for such an important occasion.

The kids were also preparing for the ‘Big Dance’ with a solid training session this week, as well as several of the boys watching The Mighty Ducks to get in a ‘never give up’ frame of mind!

Lollies in the morning also help!

Game day!

Not unlike a Matilda’s game, the supporters turned up in droves. The game was literally on ‘for young and old’ with friends and family coming from everywhere to see the spectacle.

After a committed warm up the team took the field and didn’t look back! Straight from the initial whistle the boys took control of the game and put Eschol Park on the back foot with some crisp passes, electric runs and some crunching tackles! After several minutes of attack Danraj got the breakthrough with a well placed finish. The boys continued pressuring their defence with Jack W scoring our 2nd with a shot that was just too powerful for the keeper and Logan scored our 3rd to go into halftime 3 goals ahead.

Eschol Park came out strong in the 2nd half but our boys were too intent on winning and too stoic in defence to allow anything from ruining a clean sheet. The whole team continued their 100% effort and the game was never in doubt, it was a superb game from start to finish. The damage was done in the first half and the game ended 3-0 with smiles all around and well earned cheer from the crowd.

For the POW this week all the parents and players were in agreement, there was no POW because it was just too hard to choose because everybody played so well.

*Last weeks POW (because I forgot to do the match report) was Jack W for his energetic effort throughout the match. Well done Jack

It’s been a very successful year for our team and I’m sad to see it coming to an end. We’ve got an amazing manager in Kylie Fenton and an awesome supportive group of parents who have been integral to their kids and the teams success!

I’m so happy with the progress they’ve made individually and as a team. I can’t wait until next year to coach such a great bunch of kids again!

Our season in a nutshell:

15 games

94 goals for

8 goals against

Well done boys!



The boys were up against Camden Tigers, and this was going to be a tough game.

Our last game against them was a 9-2 loss but the boys didn't let that worry them.

They went out focused. They've been practising their positions and passing and Levi scored the first goal at 8 mins.

Only a minute later Archie B scored, assisted by Levi.

Levi put away a second goal at 17mins, assisted by Archie W.

These boys were on fire at half time.

Coach Joel promised Sam a run up front once we hit 3-0, and he ran with it - literally - scoring in the first 30 seconds of the second half and taking away the player of the week.

Ruben had a crack at 10mins into the second half after a great pass by Archie, putting away our fourth goal.

Levi scored the final goal at 20mins. A well deserved hat trick.

A HUGE shout out to goalie Oliver, who had an amazing game, diving left right and centre, winning the coaches award.

Managers awards to Archie B for his amazing goal, constant passing and great tackles, and to Ruben for some amazing shots on goal.

An awesome last game.

See you at presentation day!


U11 White

Great job and job done ! Exhale

The rounds have come to an end and we have such an improved bunch, I’m utterly impressed.

Well done to everyone this year, players and parents!

Great effort to Elijah today who demonstrated intensity, game awareness and team play. A joy to watch.

That goes with the rest of the team who have again demonstrated individual moments of brilliance

That’s a wrap folks, see you at presentation day



I was very honoured to watch the boys play yesterday and spend time with them on the bench.

All I can say is their attitude to Saturdays match was inspiring, listening to coach, supporting each other and no negative talk.

Take this same attitude to the finals boys and it’s in the bag!

Well done Zachary on securing our win with a great free kick outside the box to finish 1:0.

Was a hard job choosing the awards this week and they went to the well deserved Chris and Archer.

Thanks for having me on the bench boys, sorry that I am a bit loud



Saturday - 12th August 2023

DP U13/2 VS Narellan Rangers

I thought I would approach our game report differently this week.��This weekends game, our boys struggled mentally, so instead of a play by play recount of the game I want to remind them of some amazing traits they all have and how this all brings them together into a team that we all love cheering on rain, hail or shine. These kids have so many amazing qualities and I have captured a few below that have brought a smile to my face this season and I am sure to each person watching along.

Brett has this look when he is determined and wants to win the ball. I love this look. Brett does not stop defending his heart out and chasing down the ball. I have this on going joke with Brett before every game if he is hiding a necklace under his shirt - each week he pretends he is hiding it from me to try and convince me he has it on and is going to try and sneak it onto the field.

Dillan is one of our two most versatile players - he plays any and every position Coach puts him in with determination and passion. He gives amazing insight into the game and listening to him talk through his thought process of what is going on during a game is amazing.

Ethan aka Boardman aka Boardshorts. To say we notice a difference when you’re not around is an understatement and a testament to what an amazing player you are.

Ethan aka Keats’ energy and willingness to bring ‘fun’ back into any situation is something to be admired. I love that he doesn’t see a situation and back away. He is always willing to give it his all, no matter the size of the opponent. I love the cheer Ethan brought to the crowd yesterday as they requested a cartwheel as he subbed off, which he delivered perfectly.

Isaaq - The last few weeks we have seen him transform in the midfield position and use his outstanding footwork to outskill his opponents, it is a cute sight that when Isaaq does beat his opponent he looks to the sidelines to flash a big grin at his parents.

James - our amazing goalie. I still cannot forget the save of the season, the infamous penalty! - the smile on his face is stuck in all of our brains. James is his hardest critic, and I don’t think many of us could handle the pressure he puts himself (and i’m sure his parents) through each week. I take my hat off to him.

Jonah has grown so much with his soccer skills this season - I am still surprised every single time I see him run and how he can keep up with any opponent. He is a strong defender and I don’t think he realises how much he has brought to our team this year.

Lenny - our captain - our team would not be the same without his positive reenforcement and cheers. You are a reliable and dependable player that shows up each and every week for your team.

Max aka Max Power. Can some one please tell me when Max grew up so fast! Solid as a rock in his defence. He always has a smile and I don’t think I have ever heard him disagree or argue with anyone.

Nic aka lil’ Nic - how do you have such a massive kick on you! You do not let anything go past you! Your communication at the back end of the field and reading of the game is next level.

Nik - aka Mr expectations - Nik got this nickname from his famous goals this year (we all know the goals I’m referring to). Nik is never afraid to tackle and normally outruns any opponent with his long legs. Also always has a smile on his face.

Noah - the team was beyond excited for you to join us this year and you have not disappointed at all. Noah has a kind heart, he checks on his friends and that is something to be admired. Noah is hard on himself and has a high expectation of his game. I hope he remembers that he has an amazing team that backs him.

Riley wears his heart on his sleeve. When Riley gets into that mindset and has that passion the look on his face changes and I love it.

To say that I am so proud to the be manager of this team would be an understatement.

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