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3rd - 4th June


U6 White

Fancy Footwork Faceoff!!

It was a beautiful warm winters day for our second home game in a row.

We were playing the Ingleburn Eagles today, who were running slightly late and looked as if we were going to have a 3 player showdown to begin with.

We were one player down with Ellie away but the team were very enthusiastic after an early photoshoot and an entire hour of park time and conning their parents into lollipops at 9am!

Our opening lineup today was Olive, Jesse, Grace and Archie… they were keen, they were mean, they were a strong Razorback fighting machine!

Clara was the official assistant coach this week and did a wonderful job using the timer and arranging the subs.

It didn’t take long for the Eagles to score their first goal and we new that they meant business! They had a very fancy player on their team, #2, who we have lovingly declared as Mini Messi! His footwork and skills were incredible … but this was just motivation for Jesse to bring out his absolute best this week and is soon became a fancy footwork face-off between the two of them.

Jesse showed some great moves and left the other team a bit confused at times thinking “hey, where did the ball go? I just had it!?”

It was a bit of a rough and tumble game with Olive and Clara falling to the ground after going in for huge tackles. Hats off to both girls, they got straight back up, had a quick shake off and just kept going! It was so good to see.

I think Olive and Clara must have had a pre-game consultation today because they both put a lot of thought and effort into their kicks and game strategy, it was great to see.

Kailey overcame a mid-game hair bow situation and stopped a goal that would have been the save of the season. Unfortunately it just slipped through but had the crown on their feet cheering.

Grace found her inner sports star this week and was running like never before! There were blocks, kicks and dribbles, … all I can say is watch out other teams… we have awoken the inner Sam Kerr in our Grace!

We may not have scored a goal this week but there were a couple of times we got close and had the ball up our end more than we have in weeks. Each game we are learning some important new skills and Coach Nathan is doing an incredible job at guiding our little legends and improving their understanding of the game.

Well done to our player of the week, Archie, who really got in there and gave it his best today. He had some great little runs and pulled out some awesome offensive moves. Our managers award went to Jesse whose determination continues to impress every week.

Ellie, we missed you this week and look forward to having you back next game.

Thank you to Isaac for his excellent game leadership skills this morning, he was fair and attentive and the game ran extremely smoothly.

Enjoy your weekend off next week and see you all in a couple of weeks!

P.S thank you to everyone who organised the team photos today, there was an incredible amount of organisation and time that went into coordinating that and we can’t wait to see the results


U6 Black

U6 Black had that winning feeling today!

All the boys got in and gave it their all and had fun.

Dion scored player of the match with his trademark slide saves and some great goals ⚽️ and the smile on his face says it all


U6 Orange

Today U6 Orange took on Ingleburn Eagles back at our home ground. Being brand new to the game these little champions are playing so well! While at times Coach Tom Soccio may feel like the boys aren’t listening the skills they are showing each week tell a different story!

This weeks player of the week went to Jeshua who scored his first goal of the season and our McDonalds award to Jack for his skilled defence and passing. Well done Team!


U7 Orange

The boys played away today and travelled to Ron Dine to play against the Tigers. It was a warm one, 26 degrees on the field and we only had 1 sub. So we knew we would really need to work hard!

And that’s what the boys did! They stopped several goals, had some great attacks, and even put their bodies on the line several times.

At full time the score was 0-0.

A massive achievement for our guys!

Player of the match was super tough this round as every single one of the boys showed a great effort and improvement… but it went to Blake, who refused to give up and kept chasing that ball down! Amazing effort today Blake!


U8 Orange

Yesterday saw u8 orange take on the Camden falcons.

Our team rallied together and gave it their all. They are still chasing their victory, but I am so proud of how these little people support each other on and off field.

As a team they are working so well together and it’s such a joy to watch them grow and develop their skills. Each game they come off the field with big smiles and cheers for each other.

Special mention too to Quinn Neilson who was awarded POM, Quinn shows dedication each and every game, she gives 100% and has shown such determination this season.

Well done Quinn and well done U 8 orange.


U8 Blue

Up against Narellan this week for the second time this season. The previous game we had a dominant 6-2 win, but we got out to a very slow start this time around. We had most of the ball in the first half but still went into the break at 0-0. Those half time oranges did the trick because the boys turned it up a notch in the second half as they began to spread out, used more of the field and started looking for passes.

Our player of the match went to Jacob this week. I spoke with him at training and before the game about making the right decision on when to boot the ball away and when to take more time and control the ball. Jacob went out and displayed that all game, making some important clearing kicks and some great passes at the right times.

A special mention to Dimitri who scored a hat trick. Christopher and Lucas scored a goal each for a final score of 5-0. Well done boys getting back into that winning groove again.


U9 Orange

I was a little worried going into todays game, we had team photos almost an hour before kickoff which only meant that the boys had an extra long time to warm up (muck around) and use all their energy. Little did I know that I shouldn’t be worried about the boys mucking around….it’s the mums that we all should be worried about; forming a human pyramid just for the fun of it!

When the official warm up did begin, the team was as expected a little low on energy, so the team nutritionist did what any good nutritionist would do….hand out lollies!

Match time!

It was a tight match from the outset with the Camden Tigers turning up ready to play passing football, proving we aren’t the only side with good teamwork. Midway through the first half Frank scored a great team goal but the Tigers weren’t to be outdone scoring a top corner cracker that levelled the score 1-1.

2nd half

The boys continued playing a good passing game that created several chances that were agonisingly close, which left me, the coach, and all the parents worried it was just going to be one of those days when the ball just won’t go in the back of the net!

However, late in the 2nd half the boys had other plans…whether it was the will of the crazy “pyramid mums” yelling encouragement from the sidelines or just the boys determination to win, we’ll never know but they kept working together which resulted in a superb team goal. From the backs, to the winger to Peter making it 2-1! Yesssss! Jumped the mums!

The Tigers weren’t done though and continued to put pressure on our defence but Parker was having none of it today. He remained cool and calm using his skills, clearing the ball, or passing to teammates when required. Great work.

And in the last 5 mins the team decided to put two cherries on top. Our 3rd goal started from a goal kick. From GK Frank out to a defender, down the sideline to the winger and crossed into Danraj. Superb finish! And a sigh of relief from the parents…a two goal buffer.

The 4th was with only seconds to spare. Zack did a huge kick up over the Tigers defence for Peter to run onto and unselfishly pass to Jack Fenton to put into the net! Full time! Queuing “crazy mum” celebrations on the sidelines! If only it was on camera!

The POW went to Parker for his amazing defence and Danraj got an award for his great work on the wing.


U9 Blue

Today's match was by far one of the toughest ones we've had this season.

The Narellan Rangers sure made us work for our 3-1 win today.

It was a tough first half, followed by a dramatic second half which even included a penalty, which was perfectly executed by Axel

Our Player of the week is Jake, who demonstrates consistency and resilience every week. Congratulations


U9 White

You gave it your all today. It was such a close game. It didn’t go in our favour today you took it in your stride though. You guys tried so hard and it didn’t go unnoticed.

There was some speedy outbursts from you getting it down the field, and some great passing and calling. Shout out to Logan and Cal in goals. You guys were great today.

Our players this week we’re Logan L and Lucas. Ridiculously proud of you all this week


U10 Blue

Stand In Coach Olivia and Assistant Manager Chiara reporting in while Coach Joel is away this weekend!

Fun game for the boys this week.

We set a goal at the beginning to have fun and we definitely did!

5-1 win against Ingleburn.

2 goals to Levi, 2 to Ruben and 1 to Hamish.

Well done to Sam in goals for a full game this week.

Levi did an amazing job as centre mid field and was set the task of owning the mid and feeding the ball through to our forwards Nate and Ruben, who played well together as we tried a new layout.

Hamish played well across midfield and upfront and came away with a great goal at 19mins in.

Kai having a great game as Centre back, really focusing on defense and keeping the back line tight. He had a few runs at the end of the game too.

Ciaran really focused on his defence and stayed close to his player and had some solid clearances.

Archie B really drove the ball down the left wing and has some great crosses into our forwards.

Oliver played across backs and mids today and really focused on clearing the ball and driving it forward.

Micah had a great game in the back and took a pretty tough ball to the arm but straight back on in the second half for a well played game.

A great game to the boys and a well deserved win.


U11 Orange

Today was about holding their heads high and being proud of their effort. Under 11 orange took on Camden tigers at Douglas Park. Both teams so far this season have been undefeated.

It was a tough game. The effort and energy that our boys put in was sensational. They never gave up and just kept going.

Unfortunately today wasn't our day. But that's OK. They've learnt. They've learnt what they to work on to improve for next week.

Massive effort today boys, proud of you all. Bring on next week.



U13’s v Camden Tigers

Written by Manager Amanda

- Noah had a close left foot shot

- Riley scored

- Camden scored

- Defense on our team was working hard & James saved an amazing penalty shot.

- Isaaq was tripped during a beautiful play to the box then scored from the penalty shot

*Half time*

- Fantastic positional play from all the forwards.

- We had a couple of brilliant shots that went soooo close, but no cigar

- Tall Nick was tasked with defending their big star player, and Nick was all over him like a rash!

Great game all round.

Final score: 2-1 Douggo

Player of the match: James

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