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20th - 21st May

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

Our match today was at Liquidamber Reserve in Narellan. It was a busy little hive of activity this morning and we were playing smack bang in the centre of all the action.

Today we played against the Narellan Rangers and our team were really excited to be here and take on the challenge. Despite being a beautiful sunny day, the wind had a bit of a bite to it and the kids put in a really solid warm up effort ready for their battle, including tumbles, cartwheels and a bit of football mixed in there too!

Our opening line up of Ellie, Clara, Jesse and Olive had a really solid start to the game and held off the Rangers for a good amount of time before they scored their first goal.

It was a difficult task to sub out the players today as the enthusiasm overflowed.

Our defence, as always, was on point. It was so good today that our players forgot they were on the same team and started trying to get the ball off each other! A few giggles later and it was back to trying to score that elusive goal.

Clara ran super hard today and did some really solid offensive kicks, helping to push the team forward. She was not afraid to get in there and give it a really good go!

Olive had her game face on and was really focused. Her warm up kicks with her dad paid off as she showed so much precision on the field with some great passes.

Ellie definitely made the opposition work hard for their goals this week! Whenever they tried to break through they just couldn’t shake her off, and she did some incredible work to get the ball up our end of the field.

Jesse did an amazing jump save in the second half. If we didn’t remind him to come and have a drink we reckon he would have stayed running the entire time, he was having so much fun.

Grace’s efforts in training are shining through as she had a moment of glory almost stopping a goal, which unfortunately just slipped through her legs in the end.

Archie took the game leader’s whistle as a chance to kick the ball into the other team’s goal. His critique on the taste of grass was that it was not good and when he was switched on he played really well.

Kailey winning the trophy last week really motivated her and she was straight into it - tackling, running and defending. It was great to watch her trying some new moves this week.

There was some exciting action on the sidelines too with Ellie starting her own babysitting service for our youngest supporter Belle.

Clara and Ellie ran so hard during the first half that they had to take to tipping their water bottles over their heads to cool down

The Rangers may have been small in stature, but they were mighty in their skills today and scored some excellent goals.

Our Little Razorbacks tried their absolute best this morning and had a blast in the process.

Well done to our player of the week Jesse who is showing incredible consistency week after week. He demonstrates great initiative in getting in front of the ball, predicting the other team’s moves and doing his best to stop them scoring.

The coaches award this week went to Ellie who not only ran and defended so hard, but she had a huge smile on her face for the entire match

This week is National Volunteers Week and we would like to say a really big thank you to a few special volunteers that made today possible.

Coach Nathan - He gives up his time each week for training and our games and is incredibly kind, patient and a wonderful teacher.

Also a big shout out to our game leader today (I think from Narellan) who did a wonderful job and gave up his time to guide our team through the match.

The biggest thank you to the volunteer committee members from Douglas Park Wilton FC… there is so that happens between the games each week that the kids and most adults don’t get to see, whether that’s organising schedules, dealing with the Squadi app, welfare checks, uniform sorting, canteen ordering, social media posts, skills building workshops, coffee van arranging… we are very lucky to be part of this club, thank you committee for making it such an incredible experience.


U6 Orange

This week U6 Orange took on the Tahmoor Taipans at their home ground. We were down to 5 players but that didn’t stop us from having another great game.

This weeks player of the match went to Mason who played with a smile on his face from start to finish and whose ball control is getting very impressive. Our McDonalds award this week went to Jaiden for his skilled passing and impressive goal.


U6 Black

Another great game by the boys today! We definitely play our best earlier in the morning

The boys kicking and team work is improving each week.

This week Noah took home player of the match with his huge kicks and enthusiasm, and the look on his face was priceless.. Noah also got a special photo with Coach AKA DAD!


U7 Orange

What a game! I’m 98% sure none of the parents/ spectators have any voices left after how loud and proud we cheered on our boys today.

We had a tough training session this week and worked really hard on some specific things - that today, we smashed!

We were spreading out

We were passing

We had control of the ball and spent as much time attacking as we did defending

The boys worked so hard - as a team! All their hard work and listening paid off and we were the only team to score any goals today

Our POM went to Hayden. For always listening, trying his best, following direction, and being a wonderful team mate

A special mention about our opposition, Tahmoor Taipans who were such a lovely team and invited us all to have hot dogs with them and fruit after the match! It was such a lovely gesture and our boys loved it after such an action paced game!

We will all sleep well tonight


U7 Pink

3-1 win for these little weirdos today


U7 Black

U7 Black travelled to Glenfield to play Glenfield Lions U7 Gold who are new to the comp. Friendly team and parents who even cheered our team when they saved goals from being scored. Our little Razorbacks played a great game and we had three goals scored by Ben, Reagan and Samuel and it was a close game that ended in a 4-3 loss. Our player of the week this is Judah who started out not wanting much game time and now counts down the minutes until he can get back on. Well done Judah on such a great improvement and enjoyment for the game.


U8 Blue

The boys got out to a good start yesterday, spending the first 10 minutes in Camden tigers half with a wave of shots until Christopher was able to slot one in.

We continued that for the whole game, having the vast majority of the ball and shots at goal. But it was just one of those days where nothing seemed to go in the net and that first goal was our only goal.

Eesa had a great game and earned the player of the week, beating 2 or 3 players every time he touched the ball and making several fantastic runs up the field. On top of his great attacking runs, Eesa never backed out of a challenge and won us possession a number of times.

On the few occasions the tigers got deep into our half, Harry was there to turn them away. He gets the special mention this week not only for his great defence but for coming closest to scoring our second goal after hitting the post from a long distance shot.

And amazingly, for the second week in a row, Harry made an incredible diving save in front of goals, but once again he was not actually the goalie. To his credit, he did warn us after last week that he was really struggling to turn off his goal keeping skills

Tigers levelled up the score off a spot kick and with only a few minutes left on the clock that was how it ended.

The boys all played great and the 1-1 result this week didn't accurately reflect the game. We were definitely the better team on the day.

Finally, a big happy birthday to my boy Leon, who was itching to bag a goal and a win on his birthday, but like I said, it was just one of those days.


U8 Orange

U8 orange came up against Oran park this weekend. It was bitterly cold and windy but that didn’t stop our little razorbacks from running their hearts out (probably to stay warm!!) and giving their all as they have done every game so far.

Zac Peacock was awarded POM, and rightly so as he consistently shows commitment to his team and the game each and every week and yesterday despite the very cold conditions he played his heart out! Well done to Zac and all of U8 orange …..


U9 White

Wow! You boys are on fire at the moment. It’s great fun to be having close games so you guys have to push hard and dig to get those goals. The other side was a great team to play against and this game was so

Enjoyable to watch.

The calling and passing today was so good to see. You boys are really learning positions and listening. Shout out to our coach Michael and manger Paul who have worked hard at training and pre game stuff to really get the boys understanding and working as a team.

Our players of the week were Callen and Liam.

Happy Birthday to our speedy twins Liam and Hugh.


U11 Orange

Today we took on Oran park at Doohan Oval.

It was a bit of a slower start this week for our boys and it took them a little while to warm. Starting the second half 1-0 down, our boys lifted. The drive and determination from the all of them was inspirational to watch and they dominated the remainder of the game. With the wind playing havoc, Ashton Turner scored an incredible goal leveling the score.

Final score 1-1 draw.

This week we say a big thank you to our volunteers. Especially this guy. Brendan Bird has been our coach for a number of years and has propelled our boys to the level of success they've had. His passion for our team shows every week. Brendan trains the boys twice a week, is there for every game and always willing to help. On top of that. Brendan's company BJS Landscapes Pty Ltd is a major club sponsor and is a part of our clubs committee.

Thank you Brendan for all you've brought to our team and our club.

Without these type of volunteers our club would not be successful. If you have ever thought of putting your hand up, please don't hesitate to contact us.



The wind was blustery and the boys were ready for a tough fight. The target was a 3-0 win with specific encouragement for big kickers like tall Nick & Boardman to use the wind to their advantage. Just a few short minutes into play, tall Nick showed what he's known for, with a kick from almost half way, straight into the net. GOAL!

We had 2 or 3 off side calls to our advantage, as our defense showed a beautiful straight line.

Then with play back in our attack, after lots of pressure from the team, Lenny sent one home. GOAL!

Half time score 2-0

Into the 2nd half and within the First 2 mins tall Nick had a play down the line, past a defender, onto Riley, who maneuvered through another defender and launched a slide pass to Isaac. The goalie had been drawn out and Isaac's shot bounced off the post and stopped short of the line. In a mad scramble Isaac got to the ball & ... GOAL!

There was plenty of beautiful midfield play from Lindsey, tall Nick & Keats. And the defensive wall of Brett, small Nick & Max was seeming impenetrable.

Boardman suddenly launched a shot right to the corner of the net! GOAL!

Followed soon after by an amazing sliding shot from Dillan, which almost looked like it went straight between the keepers legs! GOAL!

The boys were feeling very confident and an unfortunate lapse of concentration in the final 3 minutes earned them a lap of the oval at training, conceding a goal.

Final score 5-1.

Player of the match: Nick Orr Don't forget to bring it straight back tomorrow morning! We want to see some pics of how you've made the most of your less-than-24hrs time with the trophy

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