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13th - 14th May

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

Round 6 - Mother’s Day Round … a special tribute.

It was a late game for the U6 white team today, with a 12pm kick off. Plenty of time for a sausage sandwich (thanks to all those who volunteered) and a play in the park, which has become our unofficial warm up area.

A late game meant our mums had already had a full day before the match had even begun. Lunch boxes were packed, Bluey was watched, beds were made, arguments were resolved, washing had been hung, folded and put away. Cuddles had been given, floors had been vacuumed, toilets had been scrubbed. For many, shift work was now finished, and partners were farewelled as they began their shift.

Everyone was super enthusiastic to play today on our home ground and it was great to have our full team back, including Coach Nathan! Our opposition was Campbelltown Collegians U6 Red and they brought a large cheer squad with them.

For the mums it is always a moment of pride watching our little ones run onto the field with smiles on their faces playing with new friends, many of whom we only a met for the first time a few weeks ago. It is also a time of reflection as we think where did my baby go? … How am I here already? Looking next to us and seeing the 12 yo legends play and thinking… that will be my child before I know it.

We were a strong little team today, possessing the ball more than we have in previous games. Although we may not have got the ball in our own goal, there were a few highlights and special mentions of the match:

Clara owned the wing like it was no one’s business! She stopped the other team from scoring and at one point was so proud of her tackle and kick that she looked up at her mum and grandpa and had the biggest smile on her face!

Archie did an awesome run up the side, with his Nonnie shouting to anyone willing to listen “he’s the next Maradona!!” Maybe a little bit biased Nonnie

Jesse was an incredible little defender with one of his tackles even scoring a big cheer from Douglas Park legend Dean Pike! Jesse definitely had the intimidator happening today as I could hear whispers from the spectators “he’s quite good, isn’t he!”

Ellie, like always played so hard. She is like the Energizer Bunny that just does not stop!

Wherever the ball was, there was Ellie working hard to get it out from the other team.

Special mention to Ellie and Clara who demonstrated the most wonderful sportsmanship from the bench, cheering and clapping on their teammates whenever they are not on the field.

Kailey again took her favourite position of chief goalie. Her sheer determination every week is inspirational and her technique is improving each and every game.

As a team, we are improving every week, and are now stopping the ball and not standing inside the goal! Small steps each week

Olive took amazing direction from Coach Nathan and listened well to what he asked her to do. She is very good at sussing out what the other team’s play might be and then BAM!! She is in there putting a stop to that with Ellie and Clara supporting her.

And Grace! What about Grace!! She was running so fast and chasing that ball! It was so great to see and there was a big cheers for her this week from the crowd!

Shout out to our player of the week, Kailey. There is no way she is letting the other team past her to score that goal!

The coaches award went to Olive who continues to improve every week.

Special thank you to Clara for providing the special treats at the end of the game and also a 3 big cheers to Isaac who was an incredible and fair game leader.

For the mums, it’s now only 1pm, but a whole day has already passed and another one is about to begin. The trip home is an endless demand of snacks, arguments over Spotify and yet another load of washing to be done. A trip to the park, movie picked for the night, bubbles poured in baths and time to get dinner ready.

When U6 white were asked what made their mum the best here is what they said:

Grace: she makes nice food and I love to colour in with her.

Ellie: I get to walk home from school with her.

Clara: she cooks yummy food.

Kaylee: my favourite thing about mummy is her kisses and cuddles.

Olive: cuddling and kissing and tucking me in.

Jesse: she plays soccer and makes yummy food!

Archie: she’s the best cook!

To all of the mum’s, the step-mums, the grandmothers, aunties, and the mother-figures in our lives… thank you! Thank you not only for making today happen, but for every day. Enjoy your sleep in tomorrow! Happy Mother’s Day


U6 Orange

Coach Tom reporting for duty for Under 6 Orange!

This weeks round was a special one, with all the kids saying in the pre game huddle that for Mother’s Day, they wanted to try their best at soccer for their mums, and that they also need to bring their mum coffee (thanks Ty), all to show how much they love their amazing mums!

What can I say about this amazing team. After manning the BBQ before the game with our trusty volunteers, I arrive to see the kids already warming up, practicing their passing, loud voices and ball control, no prompts needed!

They came out with a bang, showing that by working as a team, we can score lots of goals. Super proud of this amazing team and how much they continue to build their skills and develop a love for the game and their team.

This weeks player of the match went to Jack for always trying his best, doing lots of passing and using his big voice! Ty received this weeks Maccas award for continuing to practice passing and working with his teammates to help score goals.

Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing mums in our team and across the club!


U6 Black

Mother’s Day Round at Home

Another great game by the boys today, improving each week! Still loving it and having the biggest smiles on their faces.

Bodhi took home player of the match and was so close to getting his first goal.

Shout out to Noah for the team spirit

Have a lovely weekend to all the mumma’s out there


U7 Orange

An awesome morning at our home ground this morning. We played against the Camden Falcons. Although we didn’t win today, we were amazed at home much the boys had listened and learnt from our last tough training session.

We were determined to get better at spreading out, and passing this week - and that is exactly what we did! The boys put in so much effort and we were so proud of all of them.

This weeks POM went to Theo for some great big kicks and getting involved in the game.

And a special award for Hayden, who tries his best each week, listens at training and is a great team mate. He made sure he was there for his team mates when they got hurt, a wonderful friend, and team mate.

So proud of how much our boys improve each week! Keep it up guys!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mumma’s! Thanks for all the time and effort you all put in each week to get our boys on the field.


U7 Black

U7 Black had a great game today against Camden Falcons U7 Aqua with a much closer result at the end 2-1. Our coach Mitch celebrated his birthday today so we wish him a Happy Birthday. All of our players had their mums there today cheering from the sidelines and we wish all the Mums, Nannas and Aunties who support our team week in week out a Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow.

Our player of the week this week was Reagan who tries his hardest every game.


U8 Blue

Another win for the boys yesterday getting up 5-2 against Eschol Park.

Bryson was our player of the week because he was hungry for the ball all game, getting himself involved at every opportunity and hitting a cracking first time shot off a corner that just went over the crossbar.

Christopher backed up a great game in goals last week with a hatrick.Harry made an amazing save off a free kick, tipping the ball up over the bar to prevent a certain goal. Unfortunately, Harry wasn't actually the goalie and they got that goal back off the subsequent penalty shot for hand ball, but still a great save nonetheless.

Special mention to Leon, who made two fantastic plays at different ends of the field. He scored a goal by not giving up on the play when everyone else stopped, thinking the ball had gone out; and then chased down a clean breakaway who had a 10m head start to thwart the counter attack with a perfectly timed slide tackle.

It was a slower paced game compared to last week's nail biter. We had the lions share of the chances throughout the whole game but still found ourselves at 2-2 with only 5min left, but the boys finished strong bagging 3 quick goals to seal the win.

Happy Mother's Day to all and very sorry that I forgot to get some mum and son photos after the game


U8 Orange

What a fun afternoon of football!!! U8 orange we’re defeated by Oran park but only just!! The team are playing so well together and showing true strength and support for each other on the field. Evie borg scored her first goal of the season ,and Charlie Edmonds deservedly was awarded POM……. Charlie is going from strength to strength with each game he plays . I am loving the sportsmanship of this team and their dedication to improvement. They are a great bunch of kids


U9 Orange

There was plenty of action today for U9 Orange and it all began before the game even started.

Our reliable and dedicated team were at it again bright and early this week. We had volunteers on the bbq, volunteer taxi drivers, assistant coach’s warming the team up, half-time oranges at the ready, and our manager on top of all things managerial, even though her son was sick at home! Get well Jack. We even had Jack’s grandparents in support because this little team is just that good to watch!

The only thing missing in all the pre-game action was the POW trophy…..which was MIA! (left at home)

And of coarse amongst all this effort is my wife lugging all the soccer gear to the field because I’m no help at all on crutches, Happy Mother’s Day

Game time!

The boys took a few minutes to get into the game but it wasn’t long before their trademark passing came to the fore and allowed them to start making in-roads through the Gregory Hills defence. At times the team strung 4+ passes together and then finished it off with a goal; just awesome to watch!

The boys didn’t give the opposition much of a chance, reducing them to stacking their defence to stop the onslaught leaving our goalkeepers to only get one, maybe two touches the whole match. But credit for the team keeping so much possession has to be given to our defenders today, in particular Parker and our POW Flynn, who both gained control of the ball at the back and either passed to a teammate or beat the on coming player before passing the ball! Top notch soccer boys!

The game finished 8-0 and was another great effort by all the boys. It’s so much fun watching such a great little team play well every week, but boy do you guys make it hard to choose the POW!


U9 White

No subs, no worries!

Even with a few of our boys off sick and away, and others coughing and tired on the field. You still all played like super stars

The momentum continues again this week to just push for another win. At the end of the day though it doesn’t matter win or lose right. So much cheering from our spectators and we thank you all for coming every week and encourage the boys. Enjoy your day celebrating all the important females in your lives tomorrow, or the dads/ men that take on the mum role too.

Our players of the week were Sonny for the first goal of the day, and running his heart out, and Will for defending and attacking like a champion. Well done boys, let’s do it again next week!


U9 Blue

A full team contingent took the field today against Oran Park with an awesome variety of skill on display. It was such an entertaining game to watch with the final score ending up 4 - 1 our way . It was great to see Jake and Jace scoring their first goals for the season! An amazing team effort goal shared between Antonio, Jace and Axel was the coaches highlight today. Ruby took out this weeks POW… we love her tenacity and fearless approach to every game



Happy Mothers Day home round!

Our first game with a full team and Coach Joel tried a different game plan to focus on the boys learning their positions.

Was such a great game with a 3-1 win.

Great goals from Levi and Archie W.

Sam had a cracker of a game in defence earning him Player of the Week and Coaches Award to Ciaran for his focus on positions.

Was great to see all the mums this week and nice to get a photo with you all.


U11 Orange

Our advanced under 11 orange team have remained undefeated after a convincing win against Eschol Park today. Eschol Park came out swinging scoring the first goal but our boys quickly levelled and sealed the deal in the second half with 2 more fantastic goals. Great work boys. Bring on next week.

Where would we be without our amazing mums?!? We have been so blessed in our team with fantastic woman who support each other's children and are always willing to help our when needed. You are all sensational! Have a great day tomorrow, you deserve it xx



Firstly a Very Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum’s out there. We do hope it’s a great enjoyed with family and some good weather.

Secondly special thanks to the committee, volunteers, game leaders and refs for bringing it all together for a another great day of Junior Football.

As most can see this U12’s division has some quality opponents and yesterday we faced the top of the Ladder Ingleburn which clearly displayed both a strong physical presence and skills on the field.

Our boys can hold their heads high, with Chris asking this week to be hungrier at the contest for the ball and making sure nothing was left out on the field. Each week he has being asking for the lads to continuously improve in key areas and the lads certainly applied themselves to this request.

There was some great passages of play throughout the forwards, mids and defence. A highlight being an improvement in ball control and speed down the sidelines and the counter attack in the middle.

Whilst they were right in the contest for most parts, yesterday wasn’t the result the boys were looking for going down 4-0, but this shows that the divisions has some quality opponents that are equally as determined to succeed as us. This can only benefit the boys match experience and further galvanise their desire for the remainder of the season.

With this Chris will be working on further refining strategy and ball skills with the lads. We note it’s a massive week for the boys with most having multiple school sport commitments and then the Saturday and Sunday double header. Hence Chris will be monitoring and balancing fatigue levels at both training and game days.

Player of the week was Ethan, maintaining a high standard of defensive skills and control which he does every week. A special shout out to Mason as well for his application at training and competitiveness at yesterdays game.

The good news is this season has started well with little disruption to game events and reasonable weather unlike the last few years. This gives us a great opportunity to continue to build the team and see them grow as junior players.

Thanks all for your strong support on the sidelines yesterday and Whatapps messages from afar.

Cheers Owen.



Under 13’s VS Narellan Blue

Written by

Lee Ursino

I’m back!!!!!!! Buckle in… it’s a long one!!

And here we go with another glorious late afternoon kick about at our hallowed turf.

We had a strong start with Len having a good crack on target which was admirably saved by the opposition.

Narellan came back with a counter attack which showcased the value we have in defence. Little Nick, Max and Big Nick all got some showtime resulting in James making a nice save.

Our first celebration came early with a nice set play between Keats, on to Lenny and then to Isaaq! GOAL.

The game was then more comfortable as possession was largely all Razorbacks. Dillan and Keats were making some gorgeous runs up the wing with Boardman and Riley controlling the midfield. Play was pressured up towards the goal and another moment of joy arose with a gorgeous left footer goal from Isaaq! GOAL!

We saw Brett have some ball time in a lovely defensive move that helped clear a counter attack.

The midfield was somehow lost and Big Nick saved the day when James was seemingly left open and alone. James, cool as a cucumber was focused and calm, but the defensive players made it back in time to save the day.

Noah made some big runs against a team that definitely had a height advantage on us. He was composed in the midfield with Boardman and Lenny supporting some nice through balls.

Brett’s big boot came in handy for a few massive clearances… just how we like it!

The Riley, Len, Isaaq trio was dynamite up front. It felt like a tinderbox… one of them was going to light up some time! It was just a matter of when!

Little Nick got his steps up for the day with some major defensive runs and a look of determination, that frankly, this writer loved to see.

Dillan had a lovely run along the wing but was tackled unkindly and the mojo was lost. Boardman had a massive run with a glorious through ball. This game is gorgeous to watch. There’s some real energy on both sides!

As a side note, the sideline banter was on point today. It’s strange for the writer to be sat on this side and forming commentary. Quite often I have been interrupted with cheesy one liners and seemingly involuntary noises from a certain dad of one of our team!

The opposition scored a lovely goal to get a notch on the board.

Halftime - 2-1.

The second half started well with some nice sideline action for us spectators. Controlling the ball seemed to be the main priority. There were a number of line throw ins which seemed to stilt the flow. Nevertheless, the throw ins were inching us in the right direction to our attacking half.

Dillan had a lovely spurt and then Little Nick proved he’s not so little with a perfectly, placed, mathematically designed arc of a lob (sitter) over the keepers head and into the back of the net. It was a sensation. GOAL!

And because that wasn’t enough, he continued to razzle dazzle with a mister clearance in the counter attack.

Riley, Noah, Keats, Boardman and Lenny all had their moments in the attacking space and again, it was glorious to watch.

Max had a great defensive run and all agreed he pushed into turbo to clear a stray ball.

Riley kicked a great corner … oh wait… three great corners in a row!

A delightful sideshow was watching Keats do a little dance, clearly in his own world. He had the time. He made use of it. It was a lesson in mindfulness. He felt it, he did it!

There was some skilful play as it seemed every player had their moment and shone. Each had a tap and all were in harmony to get the ball forward.

And the majesty that is Little Nick, reigned strong again as he cleared what was sure to an oppositional goal!

Isaaq was up against a great full back but didn’t give up, skilled like a master and scored a crazy GOAL!!!!

Lenny had a mad run off a Boardman through ball but the goalie was stellar in running out and saving his efforts.

Little Nick thought he’d have another lob attack but his smile told us all he knew it was cheeky and wouldn’t eventuate.

We saw Noah grow in confidence and it seems contagious as Dillan, Max, Keats and Big Nick all had amazing moments.

Brett gave some cement truck blocks at the back. So great that our defence can be replied upon.

Lenny scored a beauty to make it five … GOAL!!

James was a SUPERSTAR in goal with a moment that was to be adored. Go James!!!

This match report has been a “one night only” return experience, but man, it’s been a joy. These kids are the bomb! They’re a team, they support each other and they dig deep. What more could we ask?! Go Razorbacks!


Man of the Match - Dillan!

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