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6th - 7th May

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful but chilly morning at Oran Park today… not that the team had much time to think about the weather as we were two players down this week with Kaylee and Jesse both unfortunately unwell. Coach Nathan was also unwell which meant “silly Dianna” was on the field this week.

We had no game leader today so one of the the Oran Park Dad’s was kind enough to step in and help.

Our opposition, Oran Park Silver, were an enthusiastic team of boys and all had an obvious love for the game. They were a strong side who were consistently running hard at the goals and were successful many times in their attempts.

But that didn’t stop our team from giving it 150% at all times!

Ellie did an amazing stop (with her head!) Luckily she wasn’t hurt and even said she wanted to hit the ball with her head this week!! There was some great Razorback cheering from Ellie on the sidelines at one stage, which we could hear from the field and really motivated us to keep going! Thanks Ellie!

Archie tripped over defending the goal but after spitting out a mouth full of dirt kept going like a champ.

Clara did some huge kicks, one from the half way line that made it all the way down the end! It was incredible!

There were some moments of brilliance from Olive who at times appeared out of nowhere to deliver some great defence, scrambling to get it out from their feet. Well done Olive, you saved some great goals today!

Clara and Ellie showed great team work and stole the ball from the other team on several occasions and got super close to scoring at one point in the second half.

Grace got in the mix of the action and I could see the determination in her eyes. Give it a few more games and I reckon she will be a hard one to catch with her speed!

At one stage, Dianna accidentally deterred a kick from the other team, which apparently was ‘headed straight in the goals!’ (Sorry guys, I promise it was an accident!)

We learnt some new skills such as putting our hands up to show our team mates they could kick it to us, and also received a gentle reminder from the ref that we were not allowed to stand in the goals, but rather just in front of them. We saw that we could stand near the other players to defend and also saw the importance of communicating at all times.

The boys from Oran Park were a lovely team who did big cheers for our players at the end of the match. Both sides came together and did an extra loud cheer for our volunteer referee for the game.

We may not have scored any goals today, however all players were incredible and deserved to win an award. There was very little chance for drink breaks or rests and everyone just kept going and giving their all - I was so proud of everyone!

A special shout out to Grace and Archie who received the coach’s award this week. Grace tried so hard today and it was lovely to see her confidence grow as she ran with the ball and Archie was tireless and fearless as he did some great running and kicks. Well done Grace and Archie.

Rest up Coach Nathan, Kaylee and Jesse, we hope you feel better soon and look forward to seeing you all again next week.


U6 Orange

This was a fun one to watch with plenty of goals from both teams. The teams growing confidence is showing on the field as is their ball control. Coach Tom Soccio has come up with a great plan to keep the kids focussed during our training sessions.. by awarding our McDonalds award each week to the team member who applies themself the most. This week that was Oliver! Although not being able to play with a broken arm Oliver has shown great sportsmanship by supporting Coach (aka Dad) during training. Our player of the week went to Jaiden for his great ball control, amazing defence and fantastic goal. Well done boys and to the full team for another great game!


U6 Black

Another great game from U6 Black!

This weeks training was a real hit and showed in our game today with the boys putting their skills to practice!

Coach Lindsay was pulling out all the soccer ‘slang’ today

Connor took out player of the match today for some great kicks and awesome team work.

See you all next week at home


U7 Pink

Turns out U7 Pink didn’t like losing last week so they trained hard this week and showed up on Saturday ready to….. make grass angels.

Just kidding!!! With no subs this week Mia, Summer, Blake and Billie played their best game this year. Defense was strong, attack even stronger. They never gave up and ended up with a 4-4 draw.

To reward their efforts manager Sam let them have “whatever they wanted” from the canteen


U7 Black

U7 Black travelled to Liquidamber to take on Narellan Rangers U7 Blue. We were two players down which left us only one reserve. This little team plays with everything they have every week and Samuel walked away with some bumps and scrapes for putting his body on the line whether it be trying to score or save a goal from being scored against us but I guess it paid off because he scored our only goal. We have not won a game as yet this season but our little team still go out every week full of enthusiasm and pride.

So proud of U7 Black, keep going champs.

Apologies for no game report last week, it took days to dry off but our player of the week last week was Lyla.

Our player of the week this week was Willow. Congratulations girls on a game well played.


U7 White

U7 White travelled to Ambervale to take on the Bradbury Bears.

The sun was out and so was the burned out motorbike.

With that in mind Douglas Park U7 White took to the field full of smiles and excitement.

Kyson opened our account with a half wayline bomb which took Bradbuy by surprise (us too)

Alaskah out skilled the boys with some tough ball and all tackles, awesome dribbling skills and dominated the midfield.

Phoenix had a couple of awesome chances to score with some great break aways but only just missed the goal each time.

In the second half Jack decided to help out the other team and scored in the wrong goals but with some quick interchange he was back on and nailed a superb goal.

Kyson wanted more of the action and drained another pearler of a goal from half way again.

Ryan was in the action the whole game and ran his little legs off.

Ava and Aria's mid field defence was top notch and stoped many Bradbury break ways.

In the end Douglas Park U7 White came away with the win 4 - 3

Man of the match went to .......... Phoenix with awesome game stats ,3 break aways, 4 shots on goals, many attempted tackles and 1 goal ( his first goal of his career).

Thanks to all that came and thanks to Ryans parents for bringing the oranges they were delightful.


U8 Blue

Where do I start with this one! What an intense match.

It was a personal grudge match for me, as a good friend of mine's son played in the other team and I wanted to get one up on him. So I got the boys ready for a big game and wow did they deliver.

Up against an Oran Park side that is undefeated this year, we got out to a great start with the first 5min spent in their half with several good chances. Lucas D. finally cracked through with a goal to get us a 1-0 lead. Oran Park hit back quickly to level the score when we tried and tried but just couldn't manage to clear the ball from a corner, finishing a close and intense first half 1-1.

I'm not sure what was in those oranges but the second half went up another level as it was just end to end action. Dimitri got us to a 2-1 lead getting his free kick up and over the wall and in the net for the second time this season. Leon then extended our lead to 3-1 off another well placed free kick.

Oran Park pushed back hard in the last 5min though. Even with some incredible goal keeping from Christopher (like the amazing full stretch save in the video🤯) which earned him a well deserved player of the match award, Oran Park managed to pull back the two goals to level the score 3-3. There were some hairy moments in the last minutes, but the whistle blew and the boys held on for a hard fought draw against a quality side... and all the parents could finally take a breath.

A special mention to Bryson who came today with his big left boot locked and loaded, almost finding the net with a cracking first time shot, but their goalie was equally as good.

A game where neither team was disappointed with a draw, so much fun to watch and a level of excitement that I never knew an U8 game could produce. Fantastic game boys. Well done to each and every one of you.


U9 Blue

What another glorious morning for the Under 9 Blues. You are working brilliantly as a team and are having loads of fun along the way. You fought hard throughout the whole match and came away with a 2-0 victory against the Tahmoor Taipans.

The Player of the Match this week was awarded to Jayce

Well done for being a strong team player and working so hard throughout the season.


U9 White

What a game! Bursting with pride for this little team.

Hot and sweaty but still smiling. You guys took the field ready and eager to get a win and some goals after a few losses. The determination was on all your faces and us spectators could see that you were all prepared to work and dig to get that win.

So many players scoring goals and setting up. It’s hard to name one person cause I actually

Think you all nailed todays game and I cannot wait to see you play again next week and keep up this momentum.

Our players of the week this week we’re Lucas Baker and Logan Dobson.

Cheesy grins from under 9

white! Under next time, keep enjoying the game winning or losing it doesn’t matter.


U9 Orange

Wow! I don’t know where to start!

The boys pulled off another incredible 9 - nil win today despite the fact that we were missing our fearless leader (coach Tom) and down a player with Jack being unwell.

The thing I love most about this amazing little team is the way we all work together, and I say “we” as right from the start Kyle and Des stepped in to warm up the boys and give them their positions, thanks guys, and as usual lots of loud encouragement from the sidelines from us parents!!! The boys pulled together in another epic display of teamwork, strong positioning, communication and just all round talent really

POW goes to Zac Donohoe our “set up King” who was involved in most of the goals, defended like a champion and had some fantastic strong runs and kicks.

And I have to mention Jack Fenton who scored 5 goals today, as a mum I’m so proud of you and as a manager I’m so proud of you all


U11 Orange

Before and after. Their faces say it all.

Today under 11 orange came up against Camden Falcons and it was a tough one.

With only 8 on the field for most of the game, our boys dug deep and fought hard. They never gave up.

Today they left nothing in the tank and were successful in holding the game to a 0-0 draw.

3 wins, 2 draws for the season so far. Bring on round 6!



Well our first full strength squad for the year. It was great to see the boys all together with us travelling to Eschol Park and all successful negotiating the Saturday sports traffic across the suburbs.

With Captain Archer leading from the front the boys started with a fast space EP pushing hard and challenging through the middle with short passes and good balls skills. EP’s speed resulted in first half goals to them in the 2nd, 5th and 12th minute.

Then with Jack showing the team inspiration and just missing out on a great strike at goals from waist height, Coach Chris asked his interchange to match the intensity and hunger to take the challenge back up to the opposition. This resulted in more possession to Dougo with a corner leading to a strike from Louis within the goal box for our first goal. Zachary then taking charge with a great goal close to half time. The comeback had started.

Monument in the second half was pretty even with Ethan, Chris, Isaac M and Noah ensuring the speed of EP’s attack was squashed and our mid field working with the wingers to create pressure and opportunities.

With the contest proving pretty equal the support crew up on the hill continued to keep the boys going late in the second half with their vocal support. However we did struggle to clear a ball in our goal box and EP took the chance to add their 4th goal.

It was great to see the attitude of the boys continuing to focus on the challenge, throwing their bodies on the line especially in defence. Then Mason and Brax combining for an opportunity which went wide.

Final score 4-2 to Eschol Park.

Our new squad members Thomas, Isaac K and Luke continue to work hard both at training and games.

Player of Match was Kaylieb who can hold his head high with some great saves after a difficult start.

Thanks all who attended to support the boys and your commitment for both games and training each week is greatly valued. The boys will continue to grow as a team, with all showing great passion on the interchange bence. Summed up no better than to quote Cody, who each week the first question asked when subbed out is “how long before I’m back out there?”

With this energy Chris will continue to work on their skills, fitness and strategy to see the team grow, develop and play great junior soccer.

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