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22nd - 23rd April

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

It was a beautiful drive through the countryside to get to today’s game at Willis Park in Burragorang.

There was a great vibe amongst the team as we all met on the hill prior to the match and scoped out the competition (and more importantly the play equipment at the nearby park for afterwards).

A quick warm up before the starting whistle and you could see the U6 white team meant business today! The team were focused on getting that ball into the goal with some powerful kicks seen from Olive and Grace during the pre-game activities.

The starting line up of Kayleigh, Olive, Jesse and Archie took to the field. Burragorang were quick to get the ball up their end, however there was some strong defence from Jesse, Ellie and Clara prevented them from scoring.

Clara and Jesse demonstrated great teamwork as they passed the ball between them to get up nice and close before Clara kicked an incredible goal and put us on the score board and in the running for a win this week.

Wherever the ball was today, Ellie was right in the thick of the action! She showed great skill in her tackles and was working really well with her teammates in getting and keeping possession of the ball.

After a quick player change, it didn’t take long for Clara scored again! Everyone cheered and there were high five’s all around. This was just the confidence booster we all needed after several of the players commenting on their sadness at their defeat last week.

A near miss from Archie closed out the first half and with the sun shining everyone was ready for a drink and a quick break.

The second half saw Jesse, Clara, Ellie and Olive leading the team back onto the field. Our confidence was high and the kids were on cloud 9 after the first 20 minutes.

Once again this week, Grace was our chief kicker from the sideline and centre circle and she was excellent in following the direction given in passing to her teammates. We got a great snapshot at Grace’s potential as she felt more comfortable trying new skills and approaching the opposition with the ball.

The defence from our team was strong, with several goals saved. There was even a great goal save from coach Nathan at one point in the game!

Some brilliant kicks from Clara and Olive saw the perfect set up for Archie to score his first ever goal! The crowd went wild and it took a lot of restraint from his mum to not run on the field and celebrate with him!

Kayleigh was our little pocket rocket today and on several occasions chased the ball down and stopped it from going outside the playing area. The opposition struggled to catch her - she was so quick!

Although Burragorang may have scored a few more goals by the end, you could really see our team starting to come together, have a greater understanding of the game and really enjoy themselves today.

All kids took great direction from Coach Nathan and are getting better and better each week.

There were huge smiles all around, and a massive shout out to our player of the week, Clara, who scored two goals, showed great sportsmanship by cheering on her fellow teammates and was fabulous in her defence.


U6 Orange

This week these little champions took on the Camden Tigers and played with so much energy. We saw big kicks and lots of defending and scored two goals. Their love of the game is growing strong so much so that I can see the disappointment in their faces when it’s time to sub, Our player of the week went to Ty and a McDonalds award to Jaiden for their hard work on the field. Well done U6 Orange!! See you next week back on our home ground where we are going to focus on our passing.


U6 Black

What a game by Under 6 Black today, they played a very physical game against Picton U6 Gold, think there will be a few bruised and sore bodies!

Great effort by the boys they didn’t stop and gave it there all.

Harrison came away with our player of the match today he is such a little pocket rocket and just has the best attitude each week, enjoy your maccas buddy, well done


U7 Black

We met Tahmoor Taipans U7 Green this week and they were more than happy to join us in our minute silence prior to the game in honour of Anzac Day.

Our team did themselves, their parents and our club proud by showing respect and remaining still and quiet for the duration.

They played like little champs and gave it their all with Chloe scoring our only goal which was well deserved because she certainly worked hard for it. Some of our other players come close to scoring but we only scored the one goal and went down 9-1.

We had a really good little game leader who gave positive encouragement to both teams during the game.

Our player of the week went to Chloe this week, great game played by U7 Black.


U7 Orange

Boom! Emmett single-handedly made an end to our scoring drought by scoring twice in our match against the Collegians. And Reef was named as the Player of the Week award for his amazing effort, great listening and impressive defending.

All the boys played a fantastic match today, putting in heaps of effort and showing lots of progress in their soccer skills, playing together and overall resilience.

  • Carter had multiple promising attacks.

  • Theo had some great defensive tackles.

  • Hayden showed great understanding in 'spreading out' and being available for passing.

  • Blake had multiple promising attacks.

  • Marshall had some great kicks.

  • Reef prevented at least 3 of our opponents potential goals.

  • Emmett scored our two first goals of the season.

The boys started the game strong, with several chances that almost led to a goal. During this ANZAC round our little dudes showed how well they understood what 'mateship' is all about.

Unfortunately, our first display of mateship (pausing the play to check on an injured opponent), wasn't returned with the same mateship. The opponent played on before we had the chance to regroup: 1-0 for the Collegians.

Our ref was in a different dimension today; not participating in the game or moving around at all, so we told the boys to keep their heads up high, enjoy the game and try our best to score our first goal of the season.

Reef passed the ball beautifully to Emmett, who dribbled the ball past 3 of his opponents and scored our first goal of the season with a beautiful kick.

After half time, Emmett continued what he did before in the first half and scored his second goal of the game. The whole team cheered and all parents were equally happy and proud: cheering our little Razorbacks on as always.

Our score today does not represent the effort that we have seen today; with some uncalled fouls and some unjust goals for incorrect kick-offs, kick-ins and fouls.

But that's a great lesson on ANZAC days for our boys: we can only focus on ourselves and give it everything that we've got. And for that, all our dudes deserve a 10/10.


U8 Blue

Another win for the boys in their best game yet against a good quality Harrington Park side at their home field. Once again we got out to a good first half lead of 4-1 thanks to a hat trick from Lucas D. Then held on in the second half to finish 6-3 winners.

Their first game with a small bench, having only one sub, and they all stepped up the effort. They made plenty of great passing plays and crosses into the middle and threatened to score almost every time they got into the opposition half. The boys are building and improving as a team every game which is just fantastic to see.

Our player of the week went to Oskar. He led the way in the effort department, constantly chasing down the ball, marking players and getting himself involved in the game at every chance, and the rest of the boys followed that energy. He was just everywhere on the field today and he certainly earned the trophy.

The other goals went to Dimitri, Leon and a very sweet strike by Christopher at the end to cap off a fun and exciting game to watch.


U8 Orange

U8 orange came up against Gregory hills this weekend. They played their little hearts out and these little razorbacks are really starting to come together as a team. Thomas H was awarded this weeks POM, it’s his first year playing football and he gives 100% each and every game.

Special mention to Jett T on scoring his first goal for the season , I’m sure it will be the first of many . The final score was 6-1 sadly not going our way but if this mighty little team keep playing so well together I’m certain they will get their victory soon


U9 Blue

What an amazing day to play our favourite game of football. The sun was shining bright as we versed the Camden Falcons.

The first half was an epic battle from both teams to keep possession of the ball and make their way towards the goals.

With expert guidance from our coach, the second half saw the Under 9 Blues shift gears and push forward at full speed to score 3 goals and give us a 3-0 victory!!!

The team is showing so much growth already, learning how to float forwards/ backwards, passing to our team mates when they are open and fiercely marking our opponents.

Our player of the week was awarded to Antonio for scoring a cracker goal and his 2nd goal of the season

Go the Razorbacks!!!


U9 Orange

Although the boys had a convincing win 11-1 last week, we knew this weeks game was going to be tough because our opponent Eschol Park had also had an 11-1 victory.

Game on!

The boys started brilliantly with some excellent passing from the backs, out to the wingers and back in the middle to the strikers which was awesome to see. But although the boys were playing great football Eschol Park was stoic in their defence getting every player back to create an almost impenetrable wall which was frustrating for both our players and the parents watching from the sidelines.

We had many half chances but eventually Zac scored a great goal to have the boys up 1-0 at halftime.

The 2nd half started much the same with our boys spending the majority of the time down the oppositions end trying to get through their wall of defence, but Eschol Park started launching their own counter attacks which became increasingly threatening until they eventually placed an unstoppable shot in the top corner making it 1-1!

The last 10 minutes had every able-bodied, person out of their seat as both teams created several chances trying to take home the win. In the dying seconds Zac made another great run down the sideline and put in a superb cross to Peter who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. It was a tough chance with the ball rolling across Peter’s body at speed but he hit well………but agonisingly just wide of the goal. The referee blew the whistle and the game ended 1-1!

What a nail biter!

Two takeaways for the next game:

everyone needs to get back to defend, not just the two defenders and as soon as we see someone in space we need to pass it to them.

POW this week again was tough with everyone playing so well, but Logan’s great defence and passing to team mates was a standout.


U9 White

You boys ran your hearts out today. It was so hot and that sun was right in our eyes. Unfortunately It was loss today, but that didn’t stop you all from smiling and just going and going to the end whistle. There was a lot of good defending and calling to each other, and some seriously huge kicks. Our players of the week are Liam and Logan L.


U11 Orange

Under 11 orange played a nail biting game today against Colligians, in Campbelltown. Boys started strong and did a great job working as a team, following the instructions of the coach and kept the ball down the right end of the field.

We went into half time 1-0 up and had plenty of shots on target, but unfortunately Collies leveled the game half way through the second half and the game ended on a 1 ALL draw.

Congratulations of a massive effort today boys. You all played well

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