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15th - 16th April

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 White

Our first home game for our little Razorback Dingoes and you could feel the excitement in the air! One can only compare it to how Shane Warne must have felt walking into the MCG for the first time, or the Blues running onto the Accor stadium for round one of Origin…. even the paparazzi were present today to capture the beginnings of greatness!

The conditions were perfect and the ground’s new grandstand provided an incredible view for grandmas and grandpas, cousins, friends and disgruntled siblings scrolling TikTok.

The opposition, Gregory Hills U6 Yellow, must have been feeling very confident in their abilities as they showed up right on the starting whistle.

We were one player down with Ellie away this week but that didn’t stop our opening line up from going out there feeling confident and strong.

Jesse and Clara were really in the thick of it, working hard to get the ball out from the other team. After a great steal, Clara even shouted ‘ha ha!’ impressing herself and the spectators with her abilities.

After our first player swap, Archie decided to pick flowers behind the goal to give our visitors a very warm welcome

Archie took a powerful ball to the stomach and was carried off the field by his mum. When asked if he was ok, he responded ‘why are they trying to kill me!?’ Like a real trooper he took a break, dusted himself off, caught his breath and was out there again to support the team.

Clara showed incredible teamwork by running straight back on the field to support while Archie rested (despite only just coming off for a drink herself after running hard all game).

Grace became the chief kicker from the centre circle and set her teammates up perfectly for some great plays. She grew in her confidence as the match went on.

Olive had an incredible run down the sideline and got our team the closest to scoring for the entire game. The crowd went wild and grew with anticipation to see if she could make it all the way.

Kailey was there to support at every chance today. She received and kicked some awesome passes and was excellent in taking direction from coach Nathan.

Although we didn’t score any goals this week you could see the improvement in the team’s ball handling skills and a greater understanding of the game. If the winner was determined by enthusiasm, smiles and willingness to try we were up there for sure!!

Once again there was impressive sportsmanship demonstrated by all players with plenty of handshakes between the teams.

Congratulations to Jesse who was player of the match. He ran non-stop, showed incredible defence and stopped the opposition from scoring goals on several occasions.

It was a great day with all the kids having rosy cheeks and ready for a sausage sizzle by the end! Special thanks to Clara for the team lollipops and everyone who came down to support.

A huge shout out to our game leaders who did an incredible job helping the little ones get used to the game and were extremely professional.


U6 Orange

U6 Orange v Eschol Park - our first home game of the season. This week coach Tom Soccio set the team a challenge of loud voices on the field to call out to our friends. It was great to see the team picking up new skills from training and applying them during the game.

Our player of the match this week goes to Ziggy for her growing confidence on the field and our McDonalds award to Mason. We love seeing your smile on the field each week!


U6 Black

Player of the match Dion!!

What a game U6 Black had this week, being down a few players the boys just powered on and didn’t give up. Improving each week and enjoying themselves and always smiling.

Dion was our player of the week with killer tackles, his trademark slides and an epic goal this week

Bring on round 3!


U7 White

First home game of the year and it did not disappoint. The sun was out and there was an abundance of smiles.

With a little bit of dew on the ground our U7 White team started off strong, but Oran Park were quite the competitor and ran away with an early lead.

But our little champions wouldnt go down without a fight. Alaskah nailed a absolute pearler to open the days account.

Kyson patrolled the back line like a killer whale waiting in the deep dark ocean and Ryan put his body on the line to defend the goal line.

Jack was unstoppable up front and was only slowed down by kicking his shoe off, Phoenix was all in on the action with a huge smile on his face.

Ava and Aria cemented there postion in the mid field and defended it with pride.

In the end U7 White went down to Oran Park but they did put up an amazing fight and played awesome right up to the final whistle.

Alaskah took home player of the game thanks to her opening goal.

Well done to all that came and also a huge thanks to the parents that helped out on BBQ and canteen duties.


U7 Blue

U7 Blue all tried their hearts out today and had a ball out there. Some great long range goals by the other team in the second half would see them get across the line. The boys can’t wait to be back out there next week and go again. (Highlight of their day was being filmed/interviewed by the MFA)

Our players of the match, Huxley and Ashton. Well done lads

It was great morning down there for our boys and their families this morning. Congrats to all on such a successful and well run day


U7 Orange

Today our boys played St Marys Saints on their home turf.

Our team were definitely on the ball today and got a great kick out of playing together and trying their best. We had a solid defense and were nail-bitingly close to scoring a few times.

The boys managed to keep the score 0-0 in the first half, but unfortunately got 3 unlucky counter shots in the second half. But, they definitely achieved their goals of having fun, playing as a team and trying their hardest!

It took some (soccer) balls to play against a team that didn’t always live up to their club’s name, but our superstars didn’t let the game get Messi and just ran with it!

Massive congrats to our Player of the Week, Carter! Carter didn’t have ‘give up’ in his vocabulary, played some amazing soccer and looked out for his team mates! Well done!

Go Razorbacks! And go U7 Orange


U7 Black

Campbelltown Collies U7 Blue = 10 Razorbacks U7 Black = 4

It certainly was a cracker of a day at Dougo and Collies were off to a great start with a goal in the opening minute of the game. This didn't deter our team they continued to work together and save some goals and managed to score 4 goals ourselves. Samuel scored a hat trick and our little go-getter Lyla scored her first goal of the season. So proud of this team they worked really hard this week and worked well as a team but most importantly had a lot of fun along the way. The heat was not friendly to our team and they were exhausted at the end of the game. Our player of the week was Samuel although I think they all deserved an award this week for a fantastic effort.


U8 Orange

0 - 1 Oran Park

An exciting game this weekend with the whole team fighting hard but narrowly going down by 1 in a result that probably deserved a draw to reflect the play.

It was encouraging this week to see some positional play start to creep in along with some good teamwork.

Jett was our player of the match due to his relentless chasing, excellent defence and developing long range kick - also for supporting his teammates on the field.

Hudson took up the goalie duties and made some nice saves. Evie was tenacious as ever in chasing everything down and never being intimidated by a challenge. Quinn led the way with her positional play and often found herself in the right place at the right time due to this. Zac showed us how to do an enormous throw in which we will leverage this season. Charlie, in his distinctive 2022 training shirt, made some nice runs and is much more focused this year. Thomas was defiant in defence and I can see him improving week to week. Liam was in there hassling for the ball and Toby, in his first year, is proving to be a natural on the ball and will be an important impact player this year.

Some things for the team to work on still, particularly in attack, but it’s coming together and has been fun watching everyone develop to date after only a few weeks.

Well done all!


U8 Blue

Our first win today! We got out to a 4-0 lead but Narellan pushed us late in the game to finish 6-2.

Our player of the match went to Logan. He announced before the game he had a good feeling he would play well and score a goal today, and that's exactly what he did. During warm up we practiced some corners and I told Logan to hang at the back post. During the game, a pin point cross from Harry found Logan right there on the back post where he controlled it and banged it into the top of the net. Way to channel that positive energy Logan, and show the rest of the boys that good things happen when you listen to the coach

The award could have gone to several kids today. Leon went box to box, swooping on a turn over from a Narellan corner to run the full length of the field for his second goal of the game. Harry made some great defensive plays and free kicks throughout the game and on top of that scored a goal through a crowd from way outside the box.

Our goalies Oskar and Bryson did an exceptional job to keep them to only 2 goals.

We are starting to get some passing happening and I can see the boys beginning look for each other on the field. Individually they are all great players so we will continue to focus on developing that team mentality which will make them very tough to beat this season.

Well done boys!


U9 Orange

The boys this week continued on from their great round 1 effort with another resounding win….11-1!

It was a tough first half against Camden Tigers who due to the holidays would have been a man short if it wasn’t for our Franklin to lend them a helping hand, cheers Frank! It was 1-1 at the end of halftime with Peter having a cracker of a game in defence and our boys extremely unlucky not to be several goals ahead.

The 2nd half was a different story though with the boys pinpointing their shooting accuracy, nearly scoring every time they were down the oppositions end.

With such a good effort from all the boys it was a tough choice for POW. We had both Flynn and Frank play so well for the opposite team they almost scored against us

Danraj showed his speed running with the ball scoring a couple of goals which earned him a Maccas award, but the POW went to Peter for his awesome defence!

Great game boys!


U9 Blue

Winners are grinners! We got our first win today, 3-2 against Gregory Hills.

Our player of the match was Lincoln, who saved a match winning goal in the dying minutes of the game!

We’ve been practicing marking up, and making sure our goal kicks don’t lead to conceding a goal. And, it was a huge improvement compared to our last game.

Was proud of their effort and most importantly, they had a lot of fun!


U9 White

First home game of the season. It was a draw today. I’m sure there will be a lot of sore legs from kicking that ball towards the goal and attacking. The boys just kept going and kept their heads held high. They say working alone you achieve a little but working together you achieve a lot. This team is getting into a good little groove and learning to pass and call out to each other. Well done to our players of the week for game 2, Jett and Brodie


U10 Blue

Douglas Park 6 - Eschol Park 0

It was a bright and sunny day

Excitement was high, the boys wanted to play

Worried that we had no reserves, we needed another

Angus came through, he is Hamish's younger brother

Ruben scored a hat trick and got Player of the Week

The after game photos, the boys posing on fleek

Coaches Award to Archie B, he ran all game

2 goals from Archie and 1 from Levi put Eschol Park to shame

Where are the responses to our posing competition?

We know it's been busy couple of weeks so you all are forgiven...


U11 Orange

Our under 11 orange team played a tough and physical game against Oran Park today.

The boys fought hard, rolled with the punches and dag deep, not letting anything defeat the to pull off a great win.

The final score 1-0

Congratulations boys!!! You did did an amazing job. You took some hard hits, but got up, brushed it off, kept going and played as a team.

Shout of to all our great sponsors!! Our training shirts look fantastic

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