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1st - 2nd April

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


U6 Blue

First game was a success - we celebrated our goals, we celebrated our opposition’s goals.

We all high fived the Mustangs players at the end of the game and when we huddled up at full time I asked the boys what they thought we did well during the game, and the response was just perfect - ‘we had fun!’

Excited for round 2 with these legends!!


U6 Black

U6 Black had a great first game! Lots of smiles and they all can’t wait to play again! Braxton took out our player of the match with an epic game and even better goal


U6 Orange

Well done to U6 Orange on their first official game. It was fantastic to see their smiling faces and the friendships already forming.

This weeks player of the week goes to Jeshua who played with confidence and the McDonalds award to Jack for an amazing goal from the halfway line!


U6 White

U6 White First Ever Match Report

It was our first game and you could feel the excitement in the air… well after the confusion went away from trying to find where we were playing!

But once our team all gathered we had a quick warm up, changed into our game day shirts, took a team photo and our starting line up took their place.

Opening the game with had Olive, Ellie, Archie and Jessie. First game jitters got the better of some players with Archie almost scoring in the other teams goal! But the cheering from the sidelines soon got our team back on track.

U6 Pink from Oran Park were a strong team and didn’t take long for them to score their first goal.

Great defence from Jesse saw a perfect set up for Ellie to score our team’s very first goal! The crowd went wild! The opposition shook in their tiny pink football boots, and Archie celebrated randomly throughout the game by putting his shirt over his head.

A quick line up change gave our other players a chance to get their spikes dirty!

Grace did some awesome kicking from the side line and set the team up for some inspiring little plays.

All the practice from training sessions was paying off and there was some excellent passing between Clara and Kailey. Jesse was always there to support the team and was up in the thick of it. His kick almost half the length of the field was enough to impress even the premier league scouts!

Ellie scored again and the excitement energised the team for an actioned packed second half.

Our substitutions got more streamlined as the match went on and all kids had a run, although many of them were wanting to stay on for the entire game.

As quick as a flash there was a scramble around the net before great teamwork between Ellie and Clara saw another point scored.

Excellent sportsmanship from both teams and high fives and hand shakes were given all around.

Well done to all players and a special congratulations to Ellie who earned our very first McDonalds Sports Award.

It was a wonderful way to start the season. Special thanks to Coach Nathan for his endless support on the field, team photographers Kim and Sam for taking the official team photo and communication expert Chris for sharing the game location in the WhatsApp chat.

Wishing everyone a ‘hoppy’ Easter and looking forward to our next game in a couple of weeks


U7 Orange

Today our boys played the Narellan Rangers on their home turf. We knew the competition would be fierce, but that didn’t stop our boys from trying their best and being AMAZING!

Before the game, we set 3 goals:

  1. Play as a team: work together, help each other out and be kind. Not just to ourselves, but also to the team we’re playing.

  2. Try our best: get out on the field and give it our all. Listen to each other, our coach, our team manager and the ref. Even if the other team scores a goal, we never give up and we keep our head held high.

  3. Have fun! Enjoy playing the game, playing with our (team) mates and learning new skills.

After the game, we all agreed that the boys followed these goals to a T. They worked well together, encouraged each other and gave it their all. And most importantly of all, they played with huge smiles on their faces!

Although we didn’t come home with a win (3-0), they managed to save numerous balls from landing in the goal and were nail-bitingly close to scoring a few themselves!

We’re so proud of how well our soccer stars played during their first match of the season - for some boys it was their first game ever! - and we can’t wait to see how they will continue to improve on the field throughout the season

We finished the game by shaking the other team’s hands, all thanking the ref with a handshake, high-fiving each other and enjoying a well-deserved Easter egg

Big congrats to our Player of the Week, Emmett! Emmett not only listens superbly during training, but he gives it his all each and every week and had some great moves out on the field today!

Go Razorbacks! And go U7 Orange!


U7 Pink

The girls are happy with their 5-2 WIN


U7 Black

Under 7 Black had a great first game against Oran Park Rovers at their home ground and all players gave it their all and had a lot of fun along the way. We had some great goal saving efforts by a few of our players and Ben scored our only goal. Half time saw the team enjoy some oranges which were generously supplied by Chloe's mum Brooke for which we thank you very much. Great effort by U7 Black for their first game and huge thanks to Mitch for his coaching and on-field encouragement of our team. Ben received this weeks POW which is well deserved for the great game he played today.


U8 Blue

A great effort from the boys in their first game of the season today against a strong Oran Park side.

Dimitri took a fantastic long free kick, getting the ball over the wall and on goal but it was stopped by their keeper. Lucas D. made several runs from our own half, beating lots of defenders and coming very close to scoring, earning him the player of the match award. We had several other great chances to score but their keeper was up to the task each time. As the season goes on I am confident those chances will start going in and the goals will flow.

Bryson had a great game, making some solid tackles to stop the opposition and big clearing kicks to get the ball out of our half.

Logan got tripped up, injuring his knee and hands, but rubbed it off and bravely stayed on the field to help his teammates.

Our goalies Jacob and Christopher made some key saves to keep us in the game the whole way.

Even though the result didn't go our way, the boys showed a lot of spirit and played hard for the full 40min. The opposition coach commended their effort and commented on what a great team they were to play against. I'm looking forward to the next game, getting a win on the board and having a fun successful season with a great bunch of kids!


U9 Orange

What a great start to the season for U9 Orange. It was an all round team effort which saw the boys come away with a 5-0 Win!

It was the first time the boys played in positions today and although everyone wants to play striker it was great to see them take on their given position for the day. Well done to the team for their excellent passing, which led to some fantastic goals.

POW went to Angus for his constant hustle in defence and two awesome goals!


U9 Blue

Congratulations to the Under 9 Blues team who played with so much energy and enthusiasm. We went up against the Ingleburn Eagles today and boy was it a cracker of a game!

I'm so excited to see our team evolve and grow into an amazing group of players throughout the season.

Our Player of the Match today was Axel

Well done on scoring so many goals!

A huge thank you also to all the parents/family/friends who were cheering and supporting the team today. Go the Razorbacks!


U9 White

Under 9 White kicked it out of the park. First game of the season, second game playing as a new team. We welcome our new players from Appin who have completed our team. As a parent you smile with excitement when you see the bbq cranking and frown when you remember this is the start of those cold frosty mornings, and losing your voice as your cheering and being that embarrassing parent. Some huge kicks on the field and great saves in goals. Still learning our positions and remembering our team mates names but all in all, what an absolute cracker of a start of the new season. Bring It on 2023. Our players of the week are Will and Callen


U10 Blue

Under 10 Blue versus St Mary's Eaglevale

Well done to our boys for an awesome game today!

1-1 Draw with Levi scoring. It was his first game too!!

A big thanks to Matt for refereeing at an away game.

Player of the Week - Levi

Coaches award - Hamish

We challenge the other teams to a team photo contest... the boys showing how you take an after game photo.


U11 Orange

Today under 11 orange faced off against Narellan Rangers at Liquidamber Reserve. We had no reserves and carried a number of leg injuries in both the forwards and the backs, but nothing could stop us. Preston pulled off an incredible goal and we defended it perfectly with our goalie Ryan letting nothing past him.

Final score 1-0

Congratulations boys, great way to start the season

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