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24th - 25th June


U6 White

This morning we played at Gregory Hills and it is fair to say, being our first away game and our first early game in a while, a few of the team may have preferred to be at home snuggled up in their oodies watching Paw Patrol!

We all got there just in time for the warm up, and it was lovely to see lots of our team parents out there with their kids running around.

Once again, Coach Nathan stepped up and was the game leader. We had a full team this week and welcomed back Olive, who looked super fierce with her awesome holiday hair!

Kailey, Jesse, Archie and Olive started us off with focused on some new plays and skills under the guidance of Coach Nathan. The pep talk from Olive’s dad to ‘go out hard’ was taken quite literally and Olive took a huge hit in the opening seconds… (I reckon even the Blues could have learnt a thing or two from her after their lacklustre performance this week!). Grace was a great teammate and ran straight on while Olive had a little rest and cuddle from her dad and Pop. Olive, we were all very proud of the courage you displayed!

It didn’t take long for Gregory Hills to score their first goal and unfortunately they were very quick to follow up with successive goals after that.

We saw a new girl gang form with Clara, Ellie and Kailey doing some great cheers from the sidelines and forming a pact to only go on and off with each other (sorry for the full team subs coach Nathan!)

At one point they decided to take a seat under the goal, which pretty much summed up the team vibe for the first half.

We did score a goal today, regrettably it was up the wrong end, but that’s ok, because it was great to watch the team working together and having fun.

The second half started and the team had a renewed energy and focus. It was great to see our happy little Vegemite’s be themselves again.

Despite being a bit distracted through the match there were some great highlights from the team today:

Kailey was running to protect the goal and did a great job of stopping the other team scoring without even knowing she had done it (the ball hit her in the back but luckily she was not hurt).

Clara did a massive jump to stop the ball and was so proud of herself, a smile beaming on her face when she looked over at her mum.

Grace is showing great consistency week to week and was a great team player, jumping back on to support with no hesitation at all. There was even some growing confidence in her tackles and defence today.

Olive was fearless and determined against another strong team. She had some big runs and was happy to try any new position coach Nathan asked of her.

Jesse got very close to scoring again this week and is showing great intuition in his playing and defence.

Ellie’s showed off some incredible footwork and used her speed to get the ball up our end of the field on multiple occasions.

Archie is working hard on his tackling and has shown a great amount of improvement over the past 2 weeks.

Congratulations to Clara who was our player of the week. She put in a great effort both on and off the field today.

Kailey received the manager’s award for great approach and attitude to the game.


U6 Orange

U6 Orange v Eschol Park

There were smiles all around during this weeks game with the field being surrounded by amusement rides for Eschol Parks Pink and Blue fundraiser. It was lovely to see the community come together to help raise funds for a great cause.

Our player of the week went to Mason for his non stop running and energy on the field. Our McDonalds award was given to Jack for his great defence and passing.

Our game always ends with a post game chat with Coach Tom where the boys reflect on how they played and our focus for the week ahead. We are seeing improvements each week and the boys are doing a great job bringing all these new skills together.


U7 Orange

We ventured over to play against St Mary’s Eagle Vale this morning for a 9am kick off… we were all there early to warm up, yet our opposition arrived after kick off. We were glad to have a game at least!

The boys once again showed us that they are listening at training. We were passing! We were working as a team! We even had control over the ball!

It’s amazing to watch how much every single one of the boys are improving each week. The difference from the start of the season, to now is mind blowing. It’s like we are actually watching a real soccer match now

We had multiple attempts at goals - but for some reason our team are just unlucky. We also took some big kicks to the body and still soldiered through. With a final score of 2-1, it was an unfortunate loss for us. However, that score line gets smaller and smaller each week!

Our player of the match went to Emmett. Each week, Emmett is a force on the field. Not only are his skill and performance amazing to watch - but he is the most humble and sweet sportsman both on and off the field. Not to mention he can teleport! No matter where we need him on the field - he is there!

Go Boys! We are so proud of you all!


U8 Orange

Big congratulations to Jaxson Hart to was awarded u8 orange POM. Jaxson has shown tremendous growth and resilience this season, and today he was able to shine in a position he enjoys most “Goalie”!!

Jaxson is always offering support to his team members and it’s so exciting to see him gain strength and confidence on the field.

U8 orange took on eschol park today sadly not a win but the way this team play together and enjoy themselves makes them winners in my eyes.


U8 Blue

A 4-0 win over Mt Annan this week but the score doesn't reflect how close the game was.

It was end to end stuff in the first half with Mt Annan spending a lot of time in front of our net attacking, then our boys with several great counter attacking runs back up the field. Neither team could beat the opposing goalies who played amazing (Dimitri) and the half ended at 0-0.

The second half started much the same and just as our boys began to get the upper hand, Mt Annan had a 1 on 1 with our keeper Logan who made an incredible diving save to keep the score 0-0. Soon after, Christopher showed his skills and beat four defenders to slot in the first goal and break the deadlock. Not letting his brother get the upper hand for long, Dimitri scored one a few minutes later to make it 2-0.

This is the third week in a row we have not conceded a goal, and a big reason for that has been our player of the week Harry, who's defence has consistently been rock solid, rarely letting an attacker get past him in open play. He then goes and tops it off this week with a goal from half way! Mt Annan took a goal kick, Harry hit it first time straight back at the goal, two bounces, over the goalies head and in, and the crowd went wild for it

Lucas D. finished off the scoring, using his speed and not giving up to stop a ball that was going over the goal line, turn it back inside and put it past the goalie.

A special mention to Leon, who was all over the field and putting pressure on the opposition by not giving them any free time on the ball, and capped it off with a great long range shot that just went over the crossbar.

It was a fun game to watch againstba strong team and an all round great performance from the boys to continue a nice little winning streak we have going.


U9 Orange

It was another entertaining game from the team this week with the Camden Tigers putting in a much improved performance from our earlier meeting this season. Last time our boys ran away with an 11-0 win, but this time the Tigers turned up with a plan.......get every man and their dog defending the goal! And their plan worked well, especially on such a small field. This however, did not stop our team from playing well and the end result was never in doubt with such a large percentage of possession.

The first half proved to be a little frustrating for the boys with so many defenders in the way, but we went into halftime leading 2-1 after Camden scored a very lucky goal against the run of play.

The boys lifted in the second half and really started to pass the ball around, playing some great football. We all love seeing great individual performances from our kids, but it's so pleasing as a coach to watch boys control the ball, look up, and pass the ball to a team-mate in a better position. The team finished the game winning 4-1 and although it was a much closer game on the scoreboard than previously, it goes to show the score isn't always a good indicator of performance or improvement, because I can safely say that both teams played well and had improved from earlier in the year.

As always, it was a hard choice to choose the POW. I genuinely never know who is going to earn the trophy because they all try so hard. This week I would be remiss not to mention Jack Fenton's hat-trick of goals, but the trophy went to Frank for his great all-round performance which included great passing, dribbling and tackling.

Note: our POW trophy was missing in action today. No names will be mentioned…..but I’m sure there is a certain someone who couldn’t make the


U9 Blue

Well done to each and every one of our players this week. The team is coming together so well, demonstrating a better understanding of what it means to play as a team, pass to each other and have each others backs.

We came away with a very well deserved 3-2 win against Gregory Hills. It was great to see everyone bounce back from the challenge of last weekends match and come through fighting to win and keep possession of the ball.

Our player of the Match is Josiah



U9 White

Todays game was hard. Hard to watch and hard to play. you played on a bigger field today and against a team that was tough.

You tried your hearts out today, but the other team deserved the win. We seem to have lost focus a few times. 3 awesome goals, but it just wasn’t enough.

The passes and running was incredible to watch. I have to point out Liam for one incredible chase that ultimately did stop one of their goals. Our goalies played great today under the pressure from the team.


to our players of the week this week Isaac and Hugh. Isaac did some huge kicks and including one right down to our goals trying to assist the boys getting there

To score. Hugh nailed goals first half and did some awesome saves.


U11 White

Under 11 White gave a massive effort today. I have never seen their defence so good!

Plenty of individual shining moments from all the players, I mean that. A huge team effort was there and the execution is getting closer.


to Liam for game award today who never drops the high intensity all game.

Coach - Lance



Off to Ingleburn where our Razorbacks faced the top of ladder Ingleburn who have proved to be our kryptonite both recently and in previously seasons. With their coach displaying his usual friendly but cheeky smiling assassin pose prior to kickoff.

Thus we knew the team needed to dig deep, little to his knowledge the lads had been discussing their tactics throughout the week with Zachary, Jack & Louis still scheming late Friday night during the O35’s game.

Armed with a very vocal support crew the boys started strong with some great passing leading to multiple chances up in the Ingleburn half.

Equally Ingleburn responded with a display of strong forward movement and clean balls skills and side steps.

Stepping up was our backline, with Isaac, Noah, Chris supported this week by Cody showing true Dougo spirit for the whole 50 mins, Isaac’s last grasp sweeping kick saving a sure goal at the 5 minute mark.

The positional awareness and positive forward movement out of the goal box from Kaylieb to place pressure on Ingleburn strikers continued to play dividends.

Goals to Ingleburn in the 10th and 17th minutes on previous occasions may have spelt trouble.

However with their 2023 resolve

Archer and Zachary combined with the mids and continued to pepper the Ingleburn defensive line, a right side passage finally breaching the defence with a great Goal by Brax.

Half time- the lads lungs were burning but with Coach Chris bringing the group in to focus on playing to our strengths and holding our nerve.

Luke and Thomas displaying great calmness as we continually asked them to rotate positions to relief the midfield and defensive flanks.

Ingleburn turned up the physicality in the second half, bruised but not broken the boys continued to maintain consistent pressure on their opponents defensively line.

And that pressure paid dividends with their opponents holding deep Louis seized the moment down the centre with a clean overhead strike clearing everyone and finding the back of the net from 30 yards.

Coach Chris assessed the fatigue and set his strategy in place for a defensive hold with the clock winding down. A mark of respect for Ingleburn knowing future contest awaits.

Player of the week was Cody, simply put he has been a stalwart this season for the team, with a special mention to Zachary who gave the Ingleburn goalkeeper grief all game.

Managers award to Mason for his left and right, then left and right wing efforts.

I’m not sure what to make of this weeks end of game team photo. Let’s just say it’s a bit of a good bye dive to the ground to express they gave it their all.

Final score 2-2.

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