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22nd - 23rd July


U6 White

Ellie Jesse olive and Archie started on the field first, with Douglas park getting the kickoff but quick turn around for the other team to score their first goal.

A bit of back and forth, then our first sub with Kailey going on for Jesse so he could tie his laces.

Another goal for the other team then Ellie off for Grace.. scratch that, Jesse - Grace was not finished warming up!

A bit of concentration was lost and then a few more goals for the other team.

5-0 down and then the team decided to knuckle down. A lot of strong defence and tackles from the whole team followed, with a few promising attacking breaks from Ellie and Jesse.

Grace was on to finish the half after making sure she warmed up properly. Grace took over the kicking duties.

Half time

2nd half start

Olive Archie Kailey and grace started

Strong pressure to start but no goal in first couple of mins. Great pressure for Archie and Kailey, getting in front of the opposition to make sure they couldn’t score

The other team finally broke through with 2 quick Goals.

Ellie and Jesse subbed in, and the match officials asked the other team if they would be happy with our team to have 5-a-side to make it a bit more even, so Olive on - 5 a side now!

Things started to turn now, the ball was kept in play a lot more with a good battle back and forth between the teams.

Olive was huge in the midfield, cleaning up the play and stopping the other team from finishing their set plays to get a goal.

Close to getting our own goal a few times now with our attack improving. Coach Nathan was getting the team to try a new set play of our own that was practised at training, getting Ellie to go down the side line for the restarts or free kicks, and the team doing a big kick to try and get the ball in behind the opposition. Started to find some success!

The other team scored another goal from a great kick that just managed to sneak through.

Into the final dying minutes of the game, good defence from Douglas Park seen Ellie make a break deep form out half, with only one defender right next to her competing for the ball! Neck and neck with the other defender, Ellie dribbled the ball towards the goal and shot (with a final touch from the other defender) GOAL!! The crowd goes wild, Ellie breaks out the plane and runs the length of the field and the team are pumped! Cheers and claps from everyone watching.

A great way to finish the game off, on a high!

Player of the match went to Jesse and coach’s award went to Ellie


U6 Orange

Jumping into the weekend as team mates!!

This week U6 Orange took on Gregory Hills. It was a tough game but the boys impressed by playing as a team and focussing on their passing.

This weeks player of the match went to Mason and our McDonalds award to Jaiden. Both boys displayed excellent ball control and kept the pressure on with their fantastic defence.


U6 Black


Boys had a killer game today!

It’s so good to see the boys growing in confidence and improving every week.

Bodhi took home player of the match with some great kicks today.

Well done U6 Black


U6 Orange

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Wow what a game, I still think the parents are recovering from cheering so much!

2 minutes before the game we had no team to verse and our boys were still warming up and you could tell they were ready for a cracker game, right on 9am the other team showed up and our boys were ready to play! Each and everyone of them had all cylinders firing today and it definitely made a difference in the score line. With some huge tackles, fantastic defensive work, dribbling the ball and a little goal celebration dance the team was fired up and just kept attacking the ball!

Our POW went to Theo! He did amazing work chasing the ball down which meant he put his body on the line multiple times and took it like a champ

So proud of this team of boys! They absolutely deserve this win


U9 White

And…… we’ve nailed the passing this week. Todays game was fantastic. Only a few weeks left and we’ve got the groove now and your passing and working together and keeping

You positions.

Another win against a team that played really well too. Always good for the games to actually be a challenge. Means your working for the goals and really using the things your learning.

I wanted to point out some really good sportsman ship with a few knocked and kicks to the shins, I saw twice our players shake hands with the others to make sure they were ok. Really nice work boys.

Our players of the week are Logan Dobson, Callen, and Issac. As always, the whole team was amazing!


U9 Blue

Under 9 Blue

Where do I even begin with describing today's match!

This team keeps getter better and better every week and it sure showed today in our 6-0 victory

The quality of passes and looking for opportunities to score goals was incredible. The team fought hard and kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game.

The smiles on everyone's faces at the end was the best part of today!!!

We are so , so proud of all of you

Our player of the match went to Lincoln Congratulations


U11 White

Well the team was fired up for the game which was so good to see. We went down today and we can be pleased with our efforts.

Great job to Marcus on winning the game award for looking up to pass to a player, running when free and doing the ‘one-two’ with Emily… all the things we’ve been training. It’s so nice to watch when the team puts the plays together

We’ve all enjoyed the enthusiasm from individuals Great job!



A hike up the Hume to a very quiet Sarah Redfern Oval, with one or two parents feeling a little nostalgic from their own youth soccer days

This was an important rematch for us as Minto showed their class with a 2-0 win last round.

Importantly our start was excellent as we moved the ball up through the wings and crossed back into the centre to challenge Minto’s backline. We are lucky to have Jack, Mason and Luke working brilliantly in trio rotation as the edge flyers.

The mids and forwards started to find the feel and pace of the ground and soon started to challenge the goalkeeper and backline. If we kept this up and remained patient we would be in a strong position to wear Minto down.

Minto’s forwards were not to be out done with tidy ball skills and flare attempting to cut through our line.

However our backline hunted like a pack, sliding across, pushing forward & tracking back in tandem, giving little clear space for their opponents and when required, Kaylieb provided safe hands as strikes came his way.

The collective team effort paying dividends in the 20th minute with Zachary’s right foot finding the back of the net. The effervescent supporters heart rates also settling.

Mid time break was an opportunity for Coach Chris to remind the team to remain focused on the task at hard, to allow the training drills practiced all season to filter down into those soccer boots and never underestimate their opponents.

A second half switch for Zachary to centre mid resulted in his second goal 8 mins in. More pressure from inside the box forced a Minto own goal 11 mins in. The Hat-trick for Zachary secured in the 17th minute.

Final score 4-0 to Dougo.

Player of the match to Noah for a great game with solid positioning and defensive plays. Archer received the managers award with a ever reliable effort up front.

Collectively the boys played very well as a team and all should be commended for their efforts and application. However we all know there is more work to be done as we work towards the end of season.

Thanks to Coach Chris for his leadership and extracting the best out of the boys. Thanks to Iain for running Thursday’s training session and words of wisdom at warm up. Lastly to the awesome supporter crew who each week lift the lads as required.

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