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17th - 18th June


U6 White

It was an absolutely beautiful morning at Douglas Park, with the only thing interrupting the blue sky the puffs of cold air from the crowd screaming ‘Go Dougo!!’

Our morning started with 2 of our team dad’s helping with bbq duty. They were very lucky chefs and were set up extremely well by the first shift of the morning, and got to finish right as the rush began! Talk about timing! The crowd were very lucky too as it was Dave and not Matt who volunteered for egg duty, otherwise there would have been a whole lot of egg shell on the brekkie rolls!

This morning we were playing St Mary’s U6 Green team and it looked as though we were taking on the Socceroos with their green and gold jerseys. We were down a game leader today so our super Coach Nathan doubled as a ref and coach (and did a fabulous job too!)

We missed Olive from the team and after 2 weeks off, the kids were eager to get the game started. There was a real air of determination across the entire mini-Roos end of the field this morning. Everyone was focused, quiet and listening to Coach Nathan’s directions.

After a special warm up session with her Pop, Clara put in an incredible effort during the match. There were some huge kicks setting up her team mates to try and score that elusive goal and she was consistent in her defence.

Archie really got in there and gave it his all. At one stage during the match he stopped to pick a wish flower, and I reckon his wish came true as the team played so well today! A quick half time training session from his dad and you could see the confidence in his tackling and defence grow in the second half.

Jesse and Ellie both got so close to scoring a goal each and provided the thrill of the season for the spectators as everyone stood up and cheered so loudly!

Jesse was like an eagle watching a field mouse and wherever that ball was, he was there with it, with some awesome tackles and great direction from both his dad and coach Nathan to follow through and continue running after doing such a great job defending.

Kailey did an amazing stop and was a bit shocked when the ball hit her, but after a reassuring look from dad on the sidelines, she shook it off and kept running. Well done Kailey, that was so brave! It was great to see her gaining confidence and move out of defensive mode and show her offensive skills this week, proving she is a strong all rounder.

Grace was one of our starting 4 today and her energy stayed strong for the entire game (it must have been those super special recharge cuddles from her Pop during the drink breaks I reckon!) She was quick and had a great little run towards the goal before the Eagles unfortunately got the ball out from her.

There was no stopping Ellie, who was darting back and forward the entire length of the field to stop St Mary’s from scoring and trying her absolute best to get the ball across the line for Douglas Park.

It really was a great match to watch. The entire 40 minutes was pretty equal in terms of possession between both teams, and you can see the player’s understanding of the game increase as they instinctively stopped the ball when it went out and waited for direction from the coach. We had one of our best results of the season with only a few goals scored by the opposition.

Well done to Grace who was our player of the week. Not only did she run and tackle like a pro, but she showed incredible team spirit as she volunteered to go straight back on the field when one of her fellow team mates needed a drink.

Big cheers also to Ellie who received the managers award for her determination and effort, always with the biggest smile on her face

Thank you to Clara for providing the post-game lollipops, not only the team but all of the younger siblings and spectators too.

Bring on the next round… after the inspiring words of coach Nathan “you have all improved so much and are getting better every single match” I have a good feeling about next Saturday!


U6 Orange

This week U6 Orange took on the very talented Picton Rangers back at our home ground. This is the second time playing this team and it was amazing to see how far the boys have come from our first game of the season. Our player of the match went to Oliver who we have missed on the field for a number of weeks due to an injury. Oliver took to the field like he had no time off! Our McDonalds award this week went to Ty for applying Coach Tom’s training and pulling off a hat-trick. Well done team!


U6 Black

U6 Black were a coach and a few players down today but they gave it there all!

Connor came away with player of the match with his great kicking and running

Bodhi was pretty happy for his mate taking home the goods!

Huge shout out to Tom for stepping in as coach today and taking time out of your day to help the boys


U7 Orange

This morning we made the trek over to Eschol Park’s home ground. We may not have played at Dougo - but I’m sure our home ground could hear our cheers all the way from our game!

Our boys played their BEST GAME yet! Each and every one of them were star players.

Hayden scored his first goal ever today! An amazing big kick down the field followed by the loudest roar of excitement from our whole team. Finally we had some points on the board and smiles all round from our boys!

Blake followed shortly after with his first goal for the season, Reef with an awesome goal and then two more from Emmett!

The excitement was just too much. We did not win this match, but anyone around us would have thought we did by our cheer squad and how proud we were of our boys.

So if you heard some cheering in the distance- that was us, cheering on our little legends.

POM went to Hayden for his epic first goal.


U8 Blue

Our second match up against Harrington Park and, even though we got the win the first time, the boys remembered they were a good team. Harry told me during warm up that he thinks they would have improved so we also needed to play better. The boys certainly did that taking away a 6-0 win.

Christopher played a great game scoring a hat trick and his brother Dimitri getting one as well. A goal for Lucas D. off a perfect corner from Jacob and an own goal rounded out the scoring.

Lucas D. was our player of the match, not just for his goal or the several great shots he had on net, but for his passing. He made many passes up the field and crosses into the middle to give us a number of scoring chances.

Oskar gets a special mention as well for his passing. One in particular great play where he put a perfect through ball out in front of Dimitri, while at full speed, while getting knocked to the ground.

We have been focusing on passing the past few weeks and yesterday all the boys showed how far they have come in that aspect of the game. It's wonderful to see their personal progression but more importantly the quality of chances they are creating and goals they are scoring as a team by working together and passing up the field.

I've had many coaches this year comment on what a good side they are, but yesterday was the very first time I had a parent from the opposition come and find me after the game to say what a quality side they are and that it was a great game to watch even with the scoreline.

Harrington were a great bunch of kids. A few times one of our boys got injured in a tackle and they all came over to give them a hand and check they were ok.

With all the issues around violence and abuse at kids sports lately, it was nice to have these positive interactions with the coach, the kids and the parents of the other team


U8 Orange

U8 orange played the Ingleburn eagles early on Saturday morning, it was a chilly start but the team soon warmed up with their excitement and dedication to get on that field and play their hearts out.

Liam Jones was awarded our POM . Liam has shown so much growth this season and is going from strength to strength.

All his hard word was evident on the pitch On Saturday, he is proving to be a great little defender and a fun loving and supportive team mate.

Well done Liam and well done u8 orange


U9 Orange

Some tough lessons for U9 Orange today with Eschol Park handing the boys their first loss of the season. As noted by other coaches, the week off didn’t seem to do our boys any favours with another slow start to the game. However, it’s not our first slow start, so it might be time for the coach to try a new warm-up

Eschol Park scored first in what turned out to be a back and forth game that went goal for goal. They had some really skilful players and played with two defenders posted in front of their goals and a striker posted at the other end, which stretched our boys out and caused the boys to shy away from our game plan.

Both teams made some great saves and some great goals but with 8 minutes to go we found ourselves up 3-2. But Eschol Park scored two quick goals to hit the lead. Our boys fought to the end but the game finished 4-3 and honestly they were the better team and deserved the win.

To concede 4 goals in one game was a bit of a shock for the team when they’d only conceded 4 all year, but it was an important lesson that will hopefully make the boys hungry for the rest of the season and a rematch against Eschol Park at the end of the year.

POW went to Danraj for completing two perfect passes that led to goals. I would also like to mention our goalies Flynn and Jack Fenton who made some fantastic saves and Zachary who consistently puts in his best effort every week.


U9 White

Todays game was that enjoyable to watch I think some of the spectators may have no voices from cheering!

You boys fought till the very end of the game to make it a draw. So many shots taken, and so many awesome saves in goals from our side.

Just need to work on our passing and staying in your positions. Even when your excited to run and do it yourself.

Probably one of the best games I’ve watched this season. The other team played so good too. It was a challenge today.

Our players of the week were sonny for the first goal of the day, and Brodie for running your heart out today.

Well done all the team. so proud!



Well I think we can affectionately call long weekends off as Junior Coach Killers.

The lads were a little rusty today, TBH we all knew most have been battling colds and flu over the last few weeks so it was great to just see the lads back on the field.

However we were lacking drive early and some power in both passing and long kicks which we did have going into the break. Luckily there were some good periods where the boys found their rhythm and poise in both Defense and Attack.

2 Goals to Brax today, both coming through some good passing connections from the Mids and Zachary.

Mason was super unlucky with a clean left foot strike hitting the post in the first half.

The quite achievers Isaac M, Chris T and Thomas putting in a solid effort on the backline.

Play of the Match was Noah with some excellent decision making in defensive and those terrific clearance kicks when the opposition attempted to push through with a long ball.

Managers shout out to Kaylieb, whose drop kicks today went long and far and were exactly what we needed to reset and swing momentum back to us.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s big game with Eschol Park.

A win to Dougo 2:0 against Collegians at Rosemeadow.

Cheers Owen

PS, no I haven’t forgotten, full admiration to the suppprt crew on the hill today, the lads needed it and you were great in lifting their spirits throughout the game.

PSS, we miss you both Archer and Ethan and hope to see you both back soon



Welcome back folks, after a short 24hr turn around, albeit with a chilly frosty morning greeting us upon arrival.

An unchanged line up with the lads resuming the same positions as yesterday. The simple message from Coach Chris to the boys this morning was to improve on yesterday performance, they all lifted and responded, playing proud for Dougo.

Coach Chris was very clear on some keys areas where the lads needed to improve against the quality opposition of Eschol Park.

They did us proud with great improvement in position play, passing and down field kicks to maintain forward drive.

0-0 at half time which showed the evenness of the two teams, keeping the crowd sitting on a knife’s edge.

Isaac K played a great counter attacking header and followed by a pass or two Zachary took aim and cleared the goalkeepers left hand. Evoking a celebration Dance 💃 or two from the crowd.

Eschol Park never gave up and their efforts were rewarded with a goal breaching our defensive line shortly afterwards.

From there the boys burnt their lungs out in both defensive and attack in a tight contest all the way to final whistle.

Coaches Player of the round was Louis for his solid defensive efforts.

A special shout out from the Coach to Isaac M, who’s defensive skills and match awareness were simply epic throughout the weekend.

Managers award to Zachary for his performance, he showed the Dougo Spirit in both attack and with some quick turn and runs to steal the ball back from EP’s midfield.

Parents/Guardians- Thanks All for your efforts over the weekend in preparing the boys for their games and the passionate support from the sidelines. It takes a community for a team to succeed and you all can take credit for this.

Archer & Ethan, we are all looking forward to seeing you back soon, rest up lads.



This weekend contained a double header for the U13 boys playing a game on both Saturday and Sunday and the only way to sum up the weekend was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Round 11 (AKA Mr Hyde)

U13’s VS Ingleburn Eagles

It is fair to say the serum wasn’t working as the boys walked onto the field. The mood, atmosphere and interaction between the boys wasn’t the normal upbeat, high energy & infectious positive team we have all come to know and love.

This reflected on the field for the boys almost immediately as the ref started the game.

There was a lack of communication, and on the rare occasion the boys did interact it was bickering. The negativity seemed infectious and before we knew it the boys heads had dropped and Ingleburn were on top and were going for the throat. Coach Will brought the boys together at half time in an attempt to lift their spirits and bring them back to life.

The second half saw an improvement in attitude as well as gameplay with Boardman scoring from outside the 18 yard line straight through the goal keepers legs. Unfortunately, the damage was already done with Ingleburn securing a 5-1 victory. A tough loss for the boys but a great lesson in how mental performance is just as if not more important than physical performance.

One highlight of the game went to our player of the week Noah. When the team were going through their slump, he did everything in his power to lift them, chasing everything down, tackling hard and creating multiple chances down the left hand wing.

The team talk after the game was an important one with another game waiting for the boys the next day, but as per usual our Coach and Captain are always up to the task.

Round 12 (AKA Dr Jekyll)

U13’s VS Picton Rangers

I am not sure what was said before the game but the serum had been corrected and the boys all walked onto their home ground to a roar from the Dougo faithful cheer squad. The boys were energetic, bouncing around with smiles on their face and it was evident from all over the ground they were there to play for each other and play hard.

It could have been the the fact we were back at our home ground, the laughing and banter on the side line from the cheer squad, or the pre-game chat from Coach Will. But whatever it was, it was AMAZING to have our happy boys back.

The last time we faced the second place Picton , it was physical and we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy game.

What a start! From the moment the ref blew the whistle our boys were electric, challenging every 50/50 ball, tackling hard, stringing together passes and hyping each other up. It didn’t take long before their brilliance was rewarded on the scoresheet with our previous games POW Noah intercepting the goal keepers kick and sending it straight back towards goal with a cracking shot. A deflection off the defenders head over the goal keeper saw the ball in the back of the net. The boys on the field and the supporters on the sideline erupted in cheers.

The boys didn’t stop there as they were hungry for more and to make up for how they played previously. A nice combination from the backs through midfield and up to Isaaq saw him through with a chance on goal and what a finish….. low and hard straight pass the keeper and in off the woodwork.

Before Picton had a chance to recover our boys were back again creating more chances and attacking non stop with the ball very rarely getting passed half way which is credit to our backline of Max, Jonah, Brett and Keats.

Our third goal went to Zac who was playing up from the U12’s. His perfect positioning on the back post saw him slam home a quality goal off the back of an amazing cross by Nick.

Not to be outdone Lenny wanted in on the action and just before half time he found himself in the right place at the right time as the ball entered the 18 yard box and he was able to sneak it passed the keeper for our fourth.

Half time and our boys were up 4-0.

The second half saw Picton come out harder trying to get back into the game and a scramble in the box lead to Picton's first goal. Parents on the sideline started to get nervous however the boys reaction was amazing. They cheered each other on and ensured the positive attitude wasn’t going to stop.

Captain Lenny lead the charge slotting home two more goals to complete his hat trick before Picton scored a late goal to finish a mighty 6-2 victory.

A big shout out to James (our amazing goal keeper) who was spot on today with his positional play, his ability to know when he needed to come out to clear the ball and when to stay back, and his talking - making sure all the boys knew exactly where they needed to be.

An unbelievable win but the real highlights were:

* Seeing these boys coming back together. Remembering they are not just a team but a family

* Hearing the boys on the side line cheering on their team mates

* Celebrating every single goal, together

* The laughter and banter back with these boys

POW went to Jonah for his rock solid defence. His positional play, tackling and ability to adapt to different positions throughout the game meant that he was able to stop multiple counter attacks and through balls from the opposition which would have lead to goal scoring chances.

A huge thank you to Zac & Louis for backing up straight after their U12’s game. Both of you played phenomenally and if people didn’t know better they would have thought you had always been part of the team.

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