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15th - 16th July


U6 Orange

What a great day out facing Bradbury Bears this morning. The team were somewhat excited…. and terrified…. at the thought of no subs with some of their team mates recovering from the Winter sickness (get well soon Ty and Jaiden).

After a simplified training this week, a game of dads vs kids got them fired up to get the ball!

They took to the field with the message, play as a team! This meant putting to work weeks of practicing passing, big kicks, and getting it off the other team.

The boys put this into practice, and despite conceding some early goals, it was a tight contest. We saw Jack and Mason score a goal each, and Oliver doing some great ball stops and running into position.

This weeks player of the week went to Jeshua, where he stopped countless attacks from the other team, showed amazing ball control and passed the ball to his team to create attacking opportunities.

With the season coming to an end soon, it has been amazing to see the improvement of everyone individually and how they have learnt to play as a team. Bring on Gregory Hills next week!


U6 Black

What a game today! Our team was on fire against the Camden Tigers with 4 goals going our way.

All players did an amazing job with Braxton, Connor and Dion in attack and Noah, Liam and Harrison showing off their supersonic kicks!

Player of the match went to Braxton for his goal scoring and passing skills.

Well done boys!


U8 Blue

The boys continued with their good form following a successful gala day with a 4-1 win over Eschol Park. We also welcomed back Bryson who had several weeks off and it was great to see him out there with the team playing and smiling again.

The boys had the upper hand for the vast majority of the game with Eschol Park only getting a handful of chances.

Lucas D. had a quiet first half in goals but got himself involved in the second half, hitting the post twice. Leon was determined to score and had several great shots but was blocked or saved each time.

Our goal scorers were Christopher (1) and Dimitri (2) showing how their finishing in front of the net just keeps getting better each and every week.

Our final goal scorer and player of the match was Lucas J., bagging his first goal of the year. The huge smile on his face was great to see, the parents went wild, but my favourite thing of all was the reaction from his teammates who all ran in to congratulate him with hugs and pats on the back. Well done boys for supporting your friend like that and well done Lucas on the amazing goal!

A special mention this week to Logan who played a very solid game in both attack and defence. He is really getting the hang of taking his time to think and make a conscious decision on how to play the ball. It's a big step in development to look up and choose how to play the ball and Logan is doing great in that respect.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the boys bring home the final few weeks as we have some tough matches coming up.


U8 Orange

U8 orange took on the tahmoor taipans this morning. It was chilly and muddy and the team looked as though they had already played a full game before it had even started!! They were in their element and having tons of fun in the mud. Well done to Hudson law for taking home the POM trophy , Hudson has shown consistency and determination this season, he is a great support to his team members a is showing great development in his playing position.

A special mention also goes to Charlie Edmonds for scoring a truly tremendous goal


U9 Orange

I think I’m actually starting to run out of superlatives for this team, they consistently play well and continue to develop each week. The passing never ceases to amaze, their effort is always 100%, the team work is awesome, and their goal scoring is top notch! And the cherry on top is their development from the start of the year until now, through training, listening and playing for each other, these guys are just a pleasure to coach!

However, no team is perfect, or without their downsides and this team has one major flaw!


And no, it’s not what you think. The team is very good a remembering instructions about the game, but do you think these guys could remember to take their jumper or drink bottle home after training?! Or remember to bring the POW trophy?!

It seems to be a new culprit every week! And sadly I’m not immune

Jokes aside, the boys started strong today and consistently outplayed Gregory Hills from start to finish, finishing 7-0 victors. Thanks to Danraj and Angus for playing GK today, because neither of them touched the ball whilst in goals, not even for a goal kick.

The POW as per usual was a hard choice.

Jack Fenton was back from injury today and played a solid game as if he had never left.

Parker had another great game with some strong defence topped with some skilful pizazz.

Logan was on fire with a couple of goals including an awesome one-two pass with Jack Whitbread from a kickoff and was a constant threat for the opposition.

But the POW this week went to………

Flynn for his superb movement on the ball, turning defenders inside out and scoring a hat-trick which included an awesome free kick!

Great game boys!


U9 White

Well done team!! One sub this week.

A great game after a week off. It was a good game today, both teams playing really fair and having a fun time just enjoying the game.

We walked away with a win after a ffew recent losses. It’s always a good moral boost when you have to really work for the win. Lots of shots taken today and some good team

Work. Shout of to sonny for leading one of the drills this week that some of our boys had learnt at the Bulls camp this week.

We had 3 player of the week this week. The trophy is MIA this week on a long vacation with our twins lol

Well done to Lucas B, Logan L and Sonny! Well done all of you though. You guys are such a fun team to watch each week.


U11 White

What a joy watching our team play today! Even though we went down to a full strength Tigers team, we had our individual development on show! Holding the team to 1:1 for fifteen minutes was a big achievement until perhaps fatigue set in. Spectacular goal Bella!!! Right off the laces!

Throughout the entire game I could hear the parents cheer and appreciate the intensity from the other side, loved it PARENTS! More of it!

One of those moments was watching Hayden do his usual spirited challenges , everybody loves the commitment Hayden ! Bring it on

He was a close challenge for the eventual winner of the game day award, Tando ! What can we say about her performance besides BRILLIANT! Saving potential goals stretched out, above the head and quick reflexes at close range! Congrats


Even one of the Camden officials came over to congratulate Tando.

So much to be pleased about team!



A fine winter morning for us to return to Douglas Park and host Mount Annan Mustangs.

With both Coach Chris and assistant coach “Sir Alex” ensuring the boys were warmed up and focused before the game.

Whilst we started with strong possession some complacency that the game “would just go our way” set in. Cleary it was evident that Mount Annan have greatly improved their defensive efforts as the season progresses.

Their group defensive style against our attack was working to great effect, with the lads not allowed clean and open strikes at goal.

This pressure created frustration early in the half and it was time for Chris to roll through the interchange enabling some instructions to travel across the playing group in field.

Brax took charge with a set corner which at first met the same fate as those before it, then determined he reset for another in combination with Archer with the ball working across the face of goal to Mason, two left foot steps later his clean strike found the back of the net.

The clock round down towards 1/2 time and the lads nerves started to settle. However the Mustang’s held us a bay until the break.

Half time and coach spoke how we must always respect our opponents no matter what and to open up the play with more passing and working the ball down the side lines to free up space in the mids. A simple plan….

The lads executed this well and soon goals followed with Brax, Archer, Cody and Zachary each scoring. Louis unlucky with a long range crack clipping the top net.

Luke, Mason and Jack can hold their heads high with their hard work leading to this successful result.

A quite day for the defensive line and Keeper Kaylieb.

Player of the match Luke Swanston, after a late season start due to injury he has played both left and right wing with esteem. His ball control, turn of speed and cross field kicks for the strikers continues to grow each game and is a valuable addition to the team mix.

Managers award to Isaac K. He worked tirelessly in the mids today and was heavily marked on occasions, but never lost that trademark Dougo spirit and provided plenty of headaches for the Mustangs.

Final score 5-0 to Dougo and consolidation of 3rd position on the competition ladder.



A Sunday Session of Soccer at Dougo kicked off by our U12’s facing Minto, who have joined our competition mid-season.

We didn’t have the best start with a snappy goal in the first minute by Minto who quickly show their intent.

We were not to be intimidated and to the boys credit the lads dominated possession throughout the first half. However Minto showcased their defensive strength by choking out our throw-ins and placing a strong and sound defensive formation throughout their half.

Whilst the boys worked hard to create numerous opportunities at goal, each time we lost out on the last yard to the ball, or split second of time to place power and/or timing on our strikes.

A second half goal to Minto came after the lads had placed sustained pressure on their goal. Only to see their strikers counterattack & combine down the left, show casing their quality from outside the 18 yard line with a across the face goal beating our defenders and keeper.

The lads still kept their heads high and did not give up the fight, however Minto’s defensive strength was not broken and ref called time.

We as a team will learn a lot from this match. They know the competition quality has improved and nothing on game day is to be taken for granted. Importantly they all recognise areas of improvement required for next weeks rematch at Minto.

Player of the match to Thomas, and Managers award to Cody.

Coach Chris will be taking a well earn rest from training this week. Iain Johnson will be taking over the reins this Thursday and working on some key observations from the weekend.

Lastly thank you to all for your support for the team and having the lads equipped and ready for both games this weekend.

Importantly your support will be invaluable to lift the lads for next weekend. Let’s go Dougo

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