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08th - 09th July



Saturday 8th July RD 15 U12.

A return to Oran Park, with a noticeable break in the westerly wind allowing an absorbing contest between 3rd (Dougo) vs 5th (Oran Park).

Whilst the lads worked on their pre match warm up and coach briefing, some parents took advantage of a great smelling bbq breakfast and set up supporters camp at the eastern end of the fields.

OP is a vastly different ground compared to Dougo, with a hard as slag surface, frosted couch grass and curved slope noticeably different to our dearly loved Gobhi Desert surface. Hence this providing an opportunity for the lads to improve ball control and timing on a faster/bouncy field.

We have taken the spoils of victory twice this season against OP, however their recent form has seen them dominate the competition in recent weeks.

What played out on the field was a fiercely contested match. With passages of open play, grind it out down each sideline and then overhead through ball plays up the centre to attempt to crack each others defensive lines and seek the back of the net.

To each teams credit, attacking raids were nullified by some very sound defence. Clean through balls saw both goalies pushing forward to create the necessary moment of doubt on the strikers.

Zachary had a great chance to open the scoring, just a little too much power and lift clearing both the keeper and crossbar.

Brax was as always finding that last burst of speed to challenge the keeper who each time snatched up the ball in time with composed hands.

Cody and Isaac K unlucky to be held back a few times in the centre box with desperate OP defensive clearing our corners.

Jack, Mason and Luke making clear breaks but OP finding a way to cut down their crosses back to the goal box.

0-0 at half time. This gave the lads a well earned break to digest the state of play and listen in to Coach Chris and put some oxygen back in those lungs.

The second half progressed across the full field, with both the centre and sideline refs earning their keep with a see-saw of corners left and right from both ends and centre play.

The lads had learnt much from the first half to acknowledge the bounce and speed of the ball. They all improved their rhythm and ball control, with air swings and mis-hits diminishing.

Zachary stepping up for the absent Archer taking advantage of the extra lift and flight of the ball to strike some quality corners. One in particular gave Mason and opportunity to repeat his heroics of last week only to see the ball torpedo across the face of goal.

Lady Luck was just not with us today.

A full time whistle at 0-0 brought the boys back to the sidelines for a debrief.

Some days those little moments just don’t go your way. But the lads took a deep breathe and again listened in to Coach Chris. Emphasising that all had gained a valuable experience today which will steel them as we progress towards August. Notably they adjusted to the conditions, stayed on track with the game plain and most importantly showed again why they are leading the competition in defensive effort with least Goals Against. Chris very pleased and proud of all the lads.

None more so than player of the match Isaac M. Managers award to Brax whose steely stare at the ground post match emphasised he had given it his all but learnt a valuable lesson in competition football.



Douglas Park Razorbacks V Tahmoor Taipans

Well, the suspense for today's game had been building over the past couple of weeks, as we'd watched Tahmoor slowly in creep up the ladder, following their introduction to our division midway through the comp. Coach's pre-game talk was all about positivity and fighting as a team. We didn't want to see anyone getting downhearted, but to continue fighting throughout the game, no matter what. The boys were fired up and ready to hit The Taipans with all they had, feeling fresh after yesterday's bye.

Winning the toss meant the boys could play with the building wind during the second half, to give them an extra advantage. Off to a cracking, fighting start, it wasn't long until a through-ball saw Lenny, unmarked, with a sprint toward the goal. It bounce off the goalie and gave Isaac a chance to send it into the net. The first GOAL!!

The boys were alive, and hungry for a win. But Tahmoor was far from beaten. Play moved backwards and forwards, from end to end, fairly evenly and quickly between both teams.

The battle continued, and the Taipans were able to secure a goal. James' head dropped, but he quickly snapped out of it and carried on the fight for his team. Some encouraging words from small Nick, no doubt helping him recover so quickly. With the score even at one all, the to and fro battle continued. It was wonderful watching from the box, hearing the chatter amongst the boys. Clear communication, calling for the ball, encouraging and guiding their teammates with an all round positive vibe.

Half time break was a chance to recoup and be ready to continue this effort in the second half. They returned strong with their fighting spirit and after only 4 minutes, tall Nick launched one of his mighty kicks, sending the ball across at least quarter of the pitch, over the goalie's head and into the GOAL!! 2-1 Razorbacks!

But again Tahmoor hadn't lost heart, and increased their pace to battle on. It wasn't long before they sent a ball towards the goal and there was some tussle amongst a few players, which eventually earned the Taipans another point. 2 all.

We'd had a few subs and then Lenny came off with a sore head, following a collision with another player shortly after the last kickoff. Our boys looked a bit raggedy and unsure of their positions. The play was dominated by Tahmoor, with a strong attack keeping our defense on their toes. Then an unfortunate handball from the Razorbacks saw Tahmoor take a penalty shot, and score. 3-2 Taipans.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for our boys to lose hope and give up, as we've seen them do in previous tough matches. However, they rallied and fought on, and were rewarded with a penalty shot of their own! Taken by Isaaq (??), straight to the back of the net, to even the score. 3 all!

But still the Taipans had bites left to give! Bringing play back to our defensive end, time and time again. Then all of a sudden there was a clear chance for them to score and us in the box held our breath, expecting the worst, but like a bolt of lightning from The Flash, came some cracking defense from our borrowed player Louis, sending the ball out of the danger zone & earning him the title of Man of the Match!

Bring on the rematch on Saturday!! Go Razorbacks!

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