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01st - 02nd July


U6 White

We were back on our home ground today and found our energy that was lacking a little bit last week. This morning we played Burragorang, who we had played previously, and it didn’t take long for them to remind us that they had some strong players (with powerful kicks!) on their team.

Grace, Archie, Jesse and Olive started us off today and and put up a strong opening 5 minutes. They denied the other team plenty of chances to score early on and were supported well by Ellie, Clara and Kailey who kept the momentum going.

There was an incredible run from Ellie just after half time that had the crowd on their feet!

We are trying to focus on a new skill each week, and this week it was communication with each and following through once we have gotten the ball from the other team.

Congratulations to Olive who was our player of the week - she put in a great effort and was always ready to jump back in and play when others needed a break.

Well done also to Archie who received the manager’s award for his improvement in tackling - keep up the good work!

Thank you to Isaac who did a great job as our game leader.

Post-game celebrations included cupcakes for Grace and Archie who are both celebrating their birthdays this week!

Good luck to all of our players who will be taking part in the gala day on Monday!

It’s a round off for us next week, so we will see you all in a fortnight!


U6 Orange

This week U6 Orange took on Camden Tigers at our home ground. It was a tough game with a few balls to the face and body but the boys shook it off and kept playing.

This weeks player of the match went to Ty for scoring two goals and our McDonald award to Jeshua for his excellent passing and energy on the field.

Well done team! We look forward to seeing you back on the field in two weeks.


U6 Black

We had some great defence today and even better teamwork, passing the ball to our team mates.

Harrison got player of the match for showing us his super Sonic kicks and his constant improvement in defence.

Well done boys!

Coach Lindsay


U7 Orange

Today we played yet another away game, against the Collegians at their home ground.

We kicked off at 9am and the boys were ready and full of energy. The collies, like last time, hit us with some hard tackles, slide tackles and kept us on our toes.

Our boys didn’t give up, they pushed back just as hard and stood their ground on the field. We did some amazing passes and as usual, our defending was awesome.

Today Blake and Hayden gave us all something to cheer about with their killer goals! And the rest of the boys along side them, helping get the ball where it needed to be.

Today our boys showed great sportsmanship, unlike the other team who were not too impressed with our efforts. Each week we are so proud of how well they play an honest and fair game… and we love cheering them on as they continue to improve each week!

POM went to Carter for good strong defence and some great big kicks to clear our goal.

We are looking forward to the gala day on Tuesday!


U8 Blue

After three convincing wins in a row, we were up for a big game this week against Oran Park. Our last meeting ended in a nail biting 3-3 draw and the boys were eager to get the win this time around.

It ended up being a fairly dominant display with the majority of scoring chances going our way. Oran Park had several good opportunities but our goalies Leon and Logan played incredibly well to turn them away with only one sneaking through off a nicely placed cross.

With goals to Christopher (2), Dimitri (2), Oskar and Lucas D. we ran away 6-1 winners in the end.

Leon was the player of the week showing his versatility around the field with numerous saves in goal during the first half, then in the second making plenty of tackles, passes, runs up the field and one desperate defensive play to use his speed to chase down a break away and stop a one on one scoring chance with our keeper. This mirrored a similar effort by Harry in the first half to stop a one on one chance, which is just great to see the level of effort in getting back to defend as I always tell the boys it's just as important to save goals as it is to score them.

A special mention to Christopher with his two goals who is a constant attacking threat week in week out.

Now that we are coming up against teams for the second time, it's starting to show how far the boys have progressed and it is very exciting to see them grow and develop into such a strong team who are really enjoying their soccer.


U9 Orange

During the week the boys had one of their best training sessions of the year. Even the coach’s son (my biggest critic) said it was a good one, so I knew the boys were ready for a good game.

The team played Oran Park and after a solid warm up we were pretty much ready from the get go (instead of our usual 4-5min slow start).

It only took a few minutes before the boys put one in the back of the net and the goals continued in regular succession to end in a 8-0 win. But as usual it was their passing and teamwork that was most impressive which was shown with 5 different boys on the score sheet.

I’m so happy with the boys progress this year, they’ve really turned into a great team that work together and are excited for each other’s successes, which is great to watch from the sideline.

The POW this week went to Parker for a super game in which he passed, tackled and scored two crackers and was unlucky to not have a third.


U9 White

Todays game was a close one.

There was some crazy outbursts of running for a lot of you, some awesome saves in goals, some good tackles. But we just couldn’t get there this week. It was close by half time, but that sneaky goal right before the whistle just took it away from us.

Time for a little break and some school holiday fun. You all looks a bit tired by the end of the game. You’ve played such a birillant season and it’s pretty wild to think we’re nearing the end of it all.

Let’s come back after the break refreshed and ready for some wins. You guys deserve it. You’ve been trying to hard lately.

Our players this week we’re Liam for his incredible speed to get to the goals and take so many shots, and Jett for awesome defending including a cracker stop with his foot of a ball that was about to go right in. Well done to the whole team, it can be disheartening losing a few in a row. But your all remaining positive and eager to keep going.


U9 Blue

It was another nail biting match yesterday morning with some really impressive team work from everyone. The team worked their way up and down the field and didn't back down when it came to attacking and defending.

It was a tough match which ended in a 1-1 draw.

The player of the week went to Kobe who was continuously on the move and attacking up front. Congratulations


U11 Orange

Every week this bunch put a huge smile on my face. As well as being incredible soccer players, they are a group of young men who are always there for each other, showing up for each other and are all round great people towards each other. I've watched alot of this group grow and develop over the years and I'm so proud of the people they are all becoming. Keep shining guys. You are all amazing.

Today against Colligans our boys did an incredible job. They scored early and held the lead for the majority of the game. Colligans got lucky towards the end of the game levelling it up. Final score 1-1.

Great game everyone. Keep your heads held high and be proud of yourself.


U11 White

Big effort from all the team today who held out a fired up opposition for 24 1/2 minutes in the first half Pressure was constant and we showed grit! Well done team. Each week we’re doing more combinations and executing what we did in training. We now need everyone to do it all the time

Someone who executed brilliantly was game award winner Emily. A magic controlled gathering of the ball, dribbled with time n space, and finished off with a wonderfull through ball. More of that please Emily, beautiful to watch!!! Also her nearly 100% positional play made the decision easy.

Coach Lance



Facing Gregory Hills at home with a full strength side. 3rd (them) vs 4th (us) on the ladder and an opportunity for either side to claim advantage heading towards the finals.

We welcomed back a full strength side with 4 subs. We needed them with the lads typically sluggish post lunch.

No time for a siesta’s as Gregory Hills we’re keeping this tight! Our mid field passes intercepted frequently, our throw-ins nullified and our defence turned inside out with some good ball skills.

The continued improvement in the lads determination to chase and not give up on their strategy was on clear display, on previous occasions this may have seen the boys struggle to keep up with the challenge.

Fatigue set in so Coach Chris implemented a number of rotations, some subtle niggle and aggression by their opponents also meant the boys needed to breathe deep and hold their nerve.

0-0 at half time. A nail bitter was brewing. Second half - Rinse and repeat of the first.

Coach Chris pondering positions and combinations to break the deadlock. Something from his bag of tricks was needed.

With 5 mins left he swung a triple change off the bench with Mason also switching to right wing.

With the crowd behind

him, Jack launched a throw-in over the left side finding Archer (who was a marked man all game), working the ball across the field drawing Gregory Hills defenders in, a quick punch of the ball across to Mason who then beat the last defender to take a strike with the keeper spilling the ball to his right. Our Razorback wasn’t going to be denied, cleaning up the GK spill to find the back of the net!!!

1-0 to us, with the whistle blown shortly after.

Players of the match performance for Mason. Ethan earning managers award for his defensive plays to deny our opponents.

A special mention to Jack, Isaac M and Louis for their 9am start with game leader duties.

Thanks to @⁨Caroline HARRIS⁩ for her soccers mums intuition supplying the mid time 🍉, it was the little lift the lads needed today.

And lastly Coach Chris, a massive effort mate backing up from Nightshift, Thursday training and line marking duties, to then extract the best from the boys to secure the win. Well done!

Cheers Owen

PS , the supporter, hope you find your voices back tomorrow



U13 vs Eschol Park

Douglas Park Sportsground was filled with an electric buzz of anticipation as parents and fans from both sides eagerly awaited the kickoff of another intense U13s match.

The air was thick with excitement, the scent of freshly cooked sausages and eggs wafting across the oval (thanks to Alyce and Bec on the BBQ).

Coach Will had the boys warmed up and after his final words of wisdom, the boys took to the field with determination in their ey... OK they took to the field laughing, kicking dirt and dancing. The ground official marched onto the field to yell at her son quickly before the referee strode out to the middle for the coin toss.

The referee's whistle pierced the air, signaling the start of the match, and the boys wasted no time charging for the ball. To say the ball danced from foot to foot, as the defenders and midfielders orchestrated their moves with precision, searching for that perfect pass is a bit of a stretch. The boys actually started very timid against a much larger team. Communication was the key at training during the week but it seemed like the boys forgot to talk and remind each other of that as a few wayward passes and confused team mates stumbled over each other putting us on the back foot.

However, a tweak in formation this week by 2022 Douglas Park Wilton FC coach of the year Will and with Keats and Dillan as shining examples the boys with every pass and every tackle, increased the intensity on the field. The defenders, resolute in their positions, stood firm, repelling every attack with tenacity and skill. The forwards, darting for through balls and weaving through the opposition's defense had their eyes locked on the goal.

Captain Lenny using his muched appreciated positivity and enthusiasm got the boys on the right track and after some relentless pressure the crowd erupted in cheers as a quality Isaaq shot low and hard towards the bottom corner beat the goalkeeper and Dougo took the lead.

As the first half drew to a close, the boys piled on wave after wave of attack looking for their second goal and were finally rewarded with another Isaaq special. Manager Alyce was over the moon dancing on the players bench in celebration which quickly lead to a few boys in the field joining in.

As half time was blown, the players retreated to the sidelines, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down their faces. Coach gathering the boys to review, provide instructions and strategizing for the crucial second half.

As parents on the sideline shuffled down the field in search of the dying sunlight to stay warm, the referee's whistle marked the beginning of the final 35 minutes. The boys returned to the field with renewed vigor and determination.

Eschol Park made it clear early that they weren't going to lay down easy, have a few early shots and forcing some quality saves by our super keeper James. Eschol Park were in the right place at the right time and pounced on a defensive error, slotting one past James who made a valient dive to bring the score back to 2-1.

Every pass, every shot, every save seemed to carry the weight of every supporter. The sidelines erupted into gasps and applause with every near miss and every breathtaking save.

The match had become a battle of field position, as the teams fought tooth and nail for supremacy. Our boys got the upper hand and after pinning Eschol Park down their own end, a quality corner from Boardman and some scramble in the box, the ball fell perfectly to Nick who a few of the spectators have dubbed Mr Expectations due to his amazing goals this year and he showed why, slamming the ball into the top of the net from just inside the 18 yard line.

The crowd and boys erupted.

Douglas Park went into the final 15 minutes ahead 3-1.

That goal sparked a fire in Eschol Park with their midfield lobbing relentless through balls at, around and through our defence but they stood firm. Max, Nic, Jonah and Brett sent ball after ball back down field as a game of aerial ping pong went on for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, Eschol Park won the ping pong battle as a harsh bounce meant our defence took a big swing and sent nothing but air back down field letting their attack through onto goal. They didn't need a second invitation scoring their second and setting the final minutes of the game up to be intense.

As the final whistle approached, the tension mounted. Our boys yet again dug deep, summoning the last reserves of their energy, knowing that the outcome of this match could change their season, a lovely cross field ball saw Riley one on one with the keeper and pulling off a cheeky lob (which I still don't believe he meant) the ball found the back of the net restoring Dougos 2 goal advantage.

As the final blast of the referee's whistle, the match came to an end, with Dougo taking the win 4-2.

Player of the match went to Dillan for his outstanding performance.


boys, a hard fought but well deserved victory.

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